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Latest News on the DCI Networks
as of January 04, 2017  --  Older entries may no longer have valid URL's

12-19-16 The Inland Repeater Group has joined DCI.  The repeater are Wrightwood and Santiago (KA6P) and Table Mountain (N6GGS).
7-26-16 The Susanville CA repeaters have all moved over to their own c-Bridge.  It has been a pleasure being their original host c-Bridge.
6-14-16 The c-Bridges and Brandmeister networks now have fulltime cross-patches in place for TAC 310, 311 and 312.  Both networks typically have PTT enabled for all 3 talkgroups, so these will continue to be destination talkgroups, the same as TAC 1 was implemented 3 months ago.
5-8-16 A lawsuit was filed a year ago by a ham (K1DMR) against multiple hams as c-Bridge and repeater owners and/or their trustees involved in the NCPRN group.  The suit is headed to trial and the lead defendant has now made this public knowledge and is seeking support.  More details in Lawsuit or check out the GoFundMe Campaign //  See update
5-7-16 The Fusion talkgroup (3182) should be connected to WIRES-X via Brandmeister this weekend.  The Brandmeister Network will then connect to WIRES-X Room 21068 enabling full time WIRES-X to DMR end-to-end connections.
3-7-16 The TAC 1  talkgroup is now connected permanently to the Brandmeister Network.  TAC 1 is PTT on both DCI and BM sides and is still considered a destination talkgroup requiring PTT to be enabled for an end-to-end communications path.  Other talkgroups may be considered in the future.
2-19-16 "the Bridge" talkgroup is now officially connected to the Brandmeister network on a full time basis.
11-13-15 Two more repeaters are joining DCI and the PNW networks; Portland OR and Vancouver WA.  Portland is testing off-network and Vancouver will be up within 2 weeks high atop Larch Mtn WA.  This will add another 90 miles of Interstate 5 travel coverage.
10-22-15 DCI has created TAC 312 (as did K4USD), another expansion TG to complement TAC 310This TG is available from DCI to other c-Bridges upon request.  Once scale has reached 5 c-Bridges (DMRX added TAC 312 on 11-6-15), DMRX will be was petitioned to distribute it via it's North America Talkgroup Server 
4-7-15 DCI has given up its battles for the fair treatment of independent c-Bridge operators as well as NADMRC and will focus on our state and region to work for the growth of Ham DMR growth in the Pacific Northwest.
3-31-15 The London Ontario repeater left DCI today in favor of CAN-TRBO.  Scores of repeaters have come and gone over the years, but London has been with us since 2010, back in the days of TRBO-6 and that merits a few words on their departure.  The growth of TRBO in the past few years has been huge and much of that growth has been in Canada.  So it made sense to align with the MARC TG/TS scheme for more continuity and consistency for all the users in the Ontario province.  So long to the land of the bicycle mobile...73's!
3-19-15 DCI has changed its Control Center name from T6-DCI to DCI.  All inbound CC's need to be updated.
3-17-15 DCI added its 50th talkgroup today.  More stats: 47 talkgroups are public, 17 are on timeslot 1 and 33 are on  timeslot 2.  There are 1,577 Bridge Group entries, 76 Conference Connection entries and  the North America TG's Super Group has the most entries at 624 lines.  The ini file has grown to 3.17mb and contains 133,000 lines.
3-17-15 Landmark:  The original c-Bridge (IPSC-5) purchased in June of 2011, in continuous service since, has been retired.  A VPS model will take up duties at some point in the future.
2-20-15 Update: All use of ddns.org forwards are dead.  Use xxx.trbo.org for the new subdomains, see the sitemap
2-15-15 Updated: Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), a new user's guide: Guide (pdf)
1-10-15 DCI is now Carrying the new TAC English talkgroup; see: NATS
1-9-15 Spokane and Lynnwood WA repeater have joined DCI this week
12-28-14 RepeaterBook, most comprehensive listing for DMR repeaters; with mobile apps by for location search by proximity, currently listing 456 repeaters
10-19-14 Dormant: Listing of the DMR Nets; beginning with the 6 known nets.  Let us know if there are others.
9-20-14 The DCI website host and domain name has changed.  It is now at:  www.trbo.org  The Email support mailing list: cbro-l@trbo.org is active and dci-l@trbo.org and pnw-l@trbo.org are forming up.
9-17-14 The Open IPSC manager now has the NATS talkgroups as well as DMR-MARC's North America, Worldwide and Worldwide English.  Also including Control ON and Off Talkgroups's to extend timers for testing or much more networked traffic for easy monitoring.
9-9-14 The QnA Hour will launch right after the TAC 310 net this Sunday 9-14.  Not a net so much a new DMR users discussion group.  A short 10 minute central theme will anchor with some announcements and questions to fill in the time slot.  If there is time, more advanced issues may also be addressed.  Starts by 1800 Pacific or early if the net runs short.
8-24-14 The Parrot has landed on talkgroup 9998 at NATSThis is an echo server for audio testing as well as end to end network connectivity confirmation.  All DCI managers will have Parrot 1, TG ID 9998 on timeslot 1, on a 2 minute PTT timer.
8-10-14 The North America Talkgroup Server project is now online.  Currently 4 Talkgroups ( Comm 1 & 2, the Bridge, TAC 310 and Data) are officially supported and all c-Bridges are welcome to join.  DCI will shelve the QB server once our 20 plus member c-Bridges have migrated over to NATS  (Minimal, Yahoo, Email NATS)
8-3-14 The AllStar Link Portal has returned; scanning multiple talkgroups with dedicated transmit into the DMR system on talkgroup ID 3182 / Timeslot 2.  (More portal information, What is AllStar Link?)
7-6-14 Live Net watch now available for DCI repeater owners; see all the peers, CC's and Talkgroup traffic
6-21-14 The Minimal Net watch Project has been discontinued.  c-Bridge Admins in fair number were not in favor of the listing.  Use N5qm's dmr.watch instead (some Admins have requested not to participate or are actively blocking).
6-13-14 DCI Mailing List now to support repeater owners and affiliated c-Bridge Admins.
6-12-14 Talkgroup Matrix, a chart that shows which talkgroups appear where, PTT or FT and their timers
6-7-14 DCI has a new Open IPSC manager for repeaters modeled after the Open IPSC Demonstration Network.  IF you have a ham repeater and desire a basic IPSC network connection for testing or evaluation, check it out.
6-3-14 DCI now making available for c-Bridge admins, an IPSC network for testing or evaluation.  All talkgroups are available on standard 15/3 PTT.  This includes the regional and provincials and some that are not listed publicly.  IF you have a current CC or CPM with DCI, inquire within; for repeaters only but c-Bridge peers or other bridging products with permission only to to potential looping issues.
5-30-14 Now with a Consolidated Codeplug Directory rather than scattered about the website.  The old links will be updated eventually but for now, copies are in this directory.
5-21-14 New MARC Talkgroup; Worldwide English, TG ID 13 on timeslot 2, initially, PTT 15/3 on all managers.
5-21-14 Super sized DMR Watch, a near live lastheard list and a searchable historic user database.
5-11-14 Finally a handy booklet, "Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) "This DMR for Dummies guide is perfect for prospective and new DMR users.  Published by John W2XAB this month.
5-04-14 Heat Maps now appearing on the Repeater List, check out the coverage of repeaters with maps
4-13-14 DCI has discontinued its video streaming project.  Use NorCal's VU Meter.  Broadcastify will continue.
4-6-14 Teamspeak is now available for network status, troubles, updates and back-channel comm
 TAC 310 Net, Inaugural net tonight and will held weekly, Sundays at 1700 Pacific
3-29-14 NorCal's  Audio Stream and VU Meter, at DCI on TG ID 9999 on TS 2, for audio level testing
3-27-14 CBRO, a Discussion Group; for c-Bridge and Repeater Owners & Admins using Google Communities
3-19-14 The AllStar project (2-10-2014) has been terminated  (now back as of 8-3-2014)
3-17-14 DCI Hamvention 2014 has been updated, looking for a meet-n-Greet organizer, XPR-6500, CS700 and VXD720 codeplugs have been released with updates all the way to the weekend before Hamvention.
3-9-14 QB, a Buffer Bridge BackBone Project; a worldwide hub for robust talkgroup distribution.  If you are a c-Bridge admin or repeater owner, you should be interested in this better method for your talkgroup acquisition.
3-3-14 DCI has added a Buffer Bridge; it will manage CPM's and their associated Conference connections.  If c-Bridge admins are able to use a manager, that is the more robust way to connect c-Bridges for fail-over protection but CC's are also available if you are using small X boxes, IPSC 3 or IPSC-5 c-Bridges.  Look for the the Q-B project soon.

DCI Quick IPSC programming page has been added
4 new repeaters have joined in the last week
The Bridge Talkgroup has now been changed to use ID 3100 on timeslot 2
2-22-14 DCI is now using Twitter for the VU meter and Net Comms, problem reporting etc; check out:  twitter.com/DCITRBO or hashtag:  #dcitrboAlso Facebook but it is not as versatile:  www.facebook.com/dci.trbo
2-14-14 For ALL DCI repeaters only: On March 1st, "the Bridge" talkgroup ID number will change to 3100 to match the rest of the c-Bridges.  If you are currently using 103100, you must make the change.
2-10-14 New Talkgroup: AllStar is now active TG: xx (project terminated 3-19-2014)
2-2-14 New Talkgroup: TAC 310; worldwide access, on-demand only, PTT access from all sides, much like the old Ma Bell party line days.  Little to no impact to other talkgroups.  Enabled now for all DCI users and repeaters.
1-26-14 As hundreds of CSI's new CS700 will be delivered next week, DCI now has a basic CodeplugJust change the freq and CC to suit.
1-26-14 The Sitemap has been updated; jump to the complete Alpha Listing
1-24-14 DCI Hamvention 2014 and the Hamvention 2014 Survey on the MTUSA Yahoogroup
1-21-14 Proposed: TAC, a worldwide "routed" talkgroup that limits the number of repeater used when active.  This idea can connect hundreds of repeater on all the networks via c-Bridges so just 2 hams can talk on only 2 repeaters even though hundreds could be accessible but not impacted unless they chose to join the active conversation.
1-20-14 The use and purpose of DCI's All Call talkgroup has been updated.  All call is now monitored by Control Ops and Admins and can be used for Emergency situations.  More info: All Call
1-5-14 DCI's Net watch (c-Bridge Last Heard List) will be going public.  If you have a guest account currently, it will be deleted.  Net watch is enhanced including page refreshing.
12-7-13 The Seattle repeater is now back on Cougar Mtn on a new frequency: 441.2875, +5, CC1.  Downtown Seattle HT coverage was tested and is fair to good.  More info at PNW, Repeater List and Talkgroups.
11-30-13 TRBO-Link (EchoLink portal) has been moved to Tx on DCI 1.  Connect messages are off, a intro message plays to the EL user when an EL user connects.  No -L's, -R's nor Conferences may connect so no analog noise, ID'ers nor Touch Tones.  If the EL user does not TX, then DCI 1 is totally quiet and we will never know an EL user had connected.
11-23-13 The first CPM's have gone live and now have other c-Bridges connecting.  More info in Forums.  If you have an X Box and currently have Conference Connections with DCI, consider switching to a CPM.
11-09-13 The new  "X Box" offers innovative methods for interconnection of other c-Bridges for TG's and Data.  If interested follow along in the Forum.  The Bridge TG is the first to get CPM treatment.  All Data Services are now available via CPM (with or without Private Voice).
10-30-13 The new c-Bridge "50X" is now in service after a few hiccups as of 2000 hours.
10-26-13 The Mountain and Northeast talkgroups now join this series of regional talkgroups and are on PTT for all networks.  Remember that the "regionals" are not for routine use.  Use only if there is no other path available and remember that you are still tying up many timeslots.  This is a new use of talkgroups so please help it be a smooth rollout that will not cause networks to drop it. The new c-Bridge will enable fewer repeater busies.
10-23-13 The c-Bridge now available from small to large, pricing from $500 to $2000.  More info in the c-Bridge Forum.
10-18-13 The British Columbia regional talkgroup (BC 1) has changed from timeslot 2 to 1.  Ontario 2 has also joined DCI and is on the standard 15 minute PTT cycle.
10-1-13 The PNW has experienced a major setback.  Both western WA repeaters, Cougar Mtn and Mt Baldi are down permanently and it appears Salem OR is not getting off the ground.  However, an 8300 has been procured and may be return to Cougar Mtn or other site more North of Seattle.  Details to follow in PNW...
08-26-13 Joining the Bridge Talkgroup today are the LonestarNet (Texas) and BC-TRBO c-Bridges.  BC-TRBO is now on the new but separate PNW IPSC network with Washington repeaters expected to join soon, freeing them from a shared IPSC network.
08-20-13 Welcome to the newest repeater to join PNW, VE7RAG, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A new IPSC Network has been created for the Pacific Northwest Network. A 50 mile radius of coverage will go south to Bellingham WA.  More repeaters are expected to join soon and talkgroup availability is still to be determined.
08-20-13 TRBO-6, the original Ham IPSC network ceased operation today 4.2 years of service.
08-07-13 The Midwest Regional talkgroup is now connected to c-Bridges in Illinois and Kansas; This brings over 20 repeaters into this regional talkgroup.  PTT enabled on most DCI IPSC Networks.
07-2013 REPEATER Owners:  Please update your repeater firmware up to the current R02.20.12.  9.11 is now stale and ALL c-Bridge compatibility issues were resolved 45 days ago.
07-26-13 An unusually good Tech Net occurred this past Wednesday.  The MP3 audio has been posted.
07-25-13 The DCI Codeplug has been updated; Added: Michigan Roam, Local Net 2, Midwest Regional 2, with repeater changes and updates.
07-22-13 Transit TRBO is now being supported by DCI.  The additional tools are of interest also to Hams.
07-20-13 TRBO-Link is now on DCI 2 & scanning: DCI 1, Comm 1, Comm 2 & North America 2.  TX is only on DCI 2.
07-9-13 How-to Guide on Deploying a Mobile Repeater;  Several DCI repeater owners have deployed mobile repeaters for about 8,000 miles.  This is what we have determined to ease the next victim into the process.
06-29-13 TRBO-Link is back!  Now on EchoLink node: "644275" or "N8URW-R" thanks to Jason N8URW supplying the infrastructure.  Still in test mode but it will appear on DCI 2 within a few days.    The audio is superb into EchoLink, very slight motorboating that will soon be eliminated out onto TRBO.  No -R;s or L's will be allowed to connect normally to eliminate any tones and ID'ers.  Some nets and conferences may be enabled for further testing and showcasing TRBO as well as more Talkgroup monitoring will be added.  Stay tuned...
06-13-13 The Rx Groups & Scan page has been updated to match the DCI Codeplug; understanding how to be able to listen to 60 talkgroups efficiently via an innovative combination of Rx Groups  and a single Scan List.
06-10-13 Find Ham TRBO in the social media: DCI Google +, Ham TRBO G+ and DMR Radio
06-05-13 Digital Simplex Discussion and Mock-up page; a hot-button project in motion
06-05-13 The Kansas talkgroup has moved from Kansas 1 to Kansas 2 (switched timeslots) in an effort to better balance traffic on the 2 timeslots.
06-02-13 The Latest DCI Codeplug has been updated; PNW Roam, repeater changes and updates.  The PNW plug will no longer be updated regularly.
06-01-13 The Kansas 1 talkgroup is moving to Kansas 2 (switching timeslots) in an effort to better balance traffic on the 2 timeslots.
05-29-13 Our Michigan Network is working to deploy an EchoLink portal.  It is a project in motion, 1-2 weeks out at this point, more info on our old TRBO-Link page.
05-26-13 The Comm 1 and Comm 2 talkgroups are now available to any c-Bridge wishing to carry them.  The MIT c-Bridge is the first to be linked in to this old set of talkgroups created in 2009 for use on TRBO-6, the first Ham IPSC network in the USA.  (see: History)
05-19-13 The Baldi Mtn repeater was installed today by Greg NF6C and crew today.  The MTR3000 has been testing for weeks at low level but this latest assault was successful today as the snow had finally diminished enough to get a vehicle (snow cat assist) up to the site (4,000 feet).  Beaconing has been enabled on both Baldi and Cougar for roaming capability.  Coverage of I-5 should now be around 175 miles from South of Olympia North to around Bellingham. PNW Codplug updated for PNW Roaming.
05-06-13 The PNW Codeplug has been created and is now online; a minimal starter plug with for the PNW repeaters; less RX group use and more Scan support.  Currently has the Mt. Baldi and Cougar Mtn. repeaters
04-30-13 The Latest DCI Codeplug is now online; added Washington repeaters, Mt. Baldi and Cougar Mtn.
04-28-13 The Las Vegas Repeater on Angels Peak has moved to the SF Trbo c-Bridge. Comm 1 will still be available but now with connections to the "Bridge" and MARC talkgroups
04-24-13 The Baldi MTR3000 is now online, at low level and testing waiting for the snow to clear at the site
04-22-13 New c-Bridge firmware has been released, RVN 6913; It is a solid release!  More details at the c-Bridge BBS Forum
04-17-13 trbo.org will soon be changing web hosting service.  Changed today...all was well after 8 hours of work
04-13-13 Hamvention 2013; DCI will have a networked repeater at Hara Arena,  sponsored by our Michigan network.  (More Information)
04-08-13 New firmware has been released, RVN 6882; Caution before making the upgrade.  More details at the c-Bridge BBS Forum on this topic
03-27-13 The Salem Oregon repeater, N7MAQ, came online.  Currently low level, it is planned to go to a mountaintop which will provide coverage north and south of Salem.  A second repeater is planned for the Portland area also.  This will ultimately provide over 100 miles of coverage along the Interstate 5 corridor. (info)
03-23-13 A major upgrade to the c-Bridge firmware (RVN 6864) has been released in beta and is now on the DCI c-Bridge.  It is working well but all the linking connections must be rebuilt and some things may not be working correctly, so patience.  We strongly advise not to upgrade just yet while we work to catch up and test more thoroughly.
03-23-13 The Seattle WA repeater is now on the network and operational on both timeslots (info)
03-20-13 The DCI Codeplug has been updated, now with the I-5 Talkgroup
03-14-13 The first Seattle (Westside) Washington repeater is now in service (3-4-13) on Cougar Mtn.  Still off-network as expected Internet access is not available now.  (More Info)
03-14-13 The "Bridge" talkgroup (3100) will soon be moved over to timeslot 2; the reason is to balance the traffic between the two timeslots.  Update your radios when you can so that it is available to you when the change is implemented.   Program in TG: 103100 on: TS 2 and label it: Bridge 2
03-02-13 The c-Bridge ID-Mapping Alias Files have been updated.  245 repeaters (up from 194 as of 10-20-2012) and 2,634 users (up from 2,114 as of 10-20-2012).  Raw directory for the very latest files as the web page may not be updated as frequently as the files.  JP and Mike are trying for weekly, so currently there are a 3-1 and a 3-2 set.
02-23-13 DCI and TRBO-6 UHF Codeplug has been updated; Now includes the Seattle WA repeater.  DCI is no longer keeping other network entries current as the regional networks are now publishing their own plugs.
02-23-13 More Audio Archives; now up in the raw directory: Audio ArchivesMost files are MP3's at 32k bit-rate but are a few WAV's.
01-29-13 Tech Net Audio Archives; now up in: Tech Net Directory or the first recording: 1-23-2013These are  MP3 files, approximately 1 hour and 55 meg with silence removed...so they zip along...
01-28-13 We encourage the use of an IP Power Switch (4 outlet model 9258 ~$100) and that it be deployed with your repeater especially if your repeater will be located a significant distance away from physical control.  This will enable easy reboots that may be needed from time to time but also and more importantly, it enables powering your repeater off so that network diagnostics can be run when we experience network issues.  Taking repeaters offline remotely vastly simplifies locating a problematic router or Internet connection.  It is also useful as a router failsafe as well as remote control of other AC devices.  A switch can help you and DCI when things go wrong.  NOTE: RDAC does not take a repeater off network.
01-24-13 Streaming of MARC's North America TG has ceased.  Net 1 will stream the various nets each week.  Radio Reference will record those nets.  The VU meter is available for DCI 1, Comm 1, Bridge 1 and Net 1.  See the MTUSA Yahoo Group Post #1819  for background on these changes.
12-08-12 Forum or BBS is now in operation.  It is hoped to provide a better way to support users, repeater owners and network/c-Bridge managers.  The mailing lists will be moved to there soon (DONE).  Interested users and managers are encouraged to post or participate.
11-04-12 TRBO-Link is now off the air.  A replacement station is being considered but will not be replaced anytime soon.  Our thanks to Randy WB0VHB for providing the station, control radio, public IP, computer, interface and engineering effort to make it fly since 2-22-2010.
10-20-12 The c-Bridge ID-Mapping Alias Files have been updated.  194 repeaters (up from 179 9-20-2012) and 2,114 users (up from 1,895 9-20-2012) for average of 15 repeaters per month and 219 users per month.
10-13-12 c-Bridge Super Groups and Talkgroup scheduler now implemented.  Saturday nets now carried on DCI automatically and other various Talkgroup controls have been implemented.
9-11-12 DMR-MARC's Saturday nets now available on TG 3167 (update; back on 3161) on DCI only.  Previously, the c-bridge was modified each Saturday to carry the both the DMR and Insomnia nets.  The c-Bridge now has a built-in scheduler which adds Worldwide to 3 other networks that do not normally carry Worldwide.  The DCI demonstration network is unaffected and carries Worldwide (and North America) full-time.
8-27-12 The first public c-Bridge PDF document file has been published.  Check it out.
8-20-12 The c-Bridge ID-Mapping Alias Files have been updated.  179 repeaters (up from 165 6-24-2012) and 1,895 users (up from 1,771 6-24-2012) for average of 7.6 repeaters per month and 73 users per month.  Files now have csv extensions which load correctly in the c-Bridge.
8-20-12 The USA repeater codeplug has been updated with the newest release of the DMR-MARC North America user ID's as well as more zones and TG's for states now active on DCI.
8-7-12 SmartPTT Ham Pricing announced; Enterprise Edition $1,000,  More details
7-25-12 DCI is now using SmartPTT, a bridging product.  It is a comprehensive package, somewhat similar to the c-Bridge in features but with other and additional capabilities.  More info
6-24-12 The c-Bridge ID-Mapping Alias Files have been updated: 1,986 entries; 284 more since the 6-1, 2012 update; an average of 7.1 repeaters/users per day.  (sorry errors in this computation)
6-24-12 New 3.2 gig dual core computer now running the Streaming servers.  Much improved performance, even the audio is better on both Radio Reference and Livestream.  No change to the VU meter but will be adjusting the streaming audios in the next few days.
6-10-12 c-Bridge tips page now available...learned from pounding on the c-Bridge
6-10-12 The first use of the "Bridge" TG (was Interstate) was done today between 3 statewide talkgroups; Washington, California and Kansas.  Planning to expand to Roundtable also, possibly c-Bridge owners.  If you have a c-Bridge and wish to play: Join us
6-1-12 The c-Bridge ID-Mapping Alias Files have been updated: 1,702 entries
5-30-12 Latest repeater updates.  We have added 3 more repeaters, 2 on the Demonstration network and one on DCI.  Demo network repeaters are generally not listed on the repeater page until it is known that they wish to stay with DCI. Also see the new TG's.
5-29-12 DMR-MARC Worldwide is now only carried on the Demonstration network.  Saturday morning nets will continue to be carried on one or more networks as well as on Livestream and Radio Reference.
5-28-12 The TRBO Express came and went.  Recap of the experience with a mobile repeater networked via LTE.
5-16-12 The USA repeater codeplug has been updated with the newest release of the DMR-MARC North America user ID's as well as more TG's for states now active on DCI.


TRBO Express is coming soon to a Hamvension near you, what we have planned for Dayton.  Check out the Dayton Survey on MTUSA.


DCI now has it's own news or update pageThis page will typically have the latest updates before showing up elsewhere on the website, especially if the news doesn't merit it's own page.  The trbo.org news section will remain but is not likely to be updated unless the information relates directly to the TRBO-6 network.


LED VU meter is now on LiveStreamSuggested audio levels should be in the yellow zone, no more than 1 red bar.


Buying TRBO, some recommended dealers...don't screw it up for the rest of us.


Routers: suggested routers and how to set them up with your repeater.  Help needed to expand the list of usable routers and how you set them up.
  USA Codeplug updated with the new DMR North America Talkgroup.
  LiveStream is now the primary streaming method; uStream is now legacy and only for a few archives.  Radio Reference is still streaming audio only.
  Now testing LiveStream as an alternative to uStream, also Embedded Streaming Page allows easy experimentation with the supported streams.
  Sitemap has been created.
  DCI has published the full repeater and user ID-Mapping files for the c-Bridge.


DCI tested audio levels on HT and Mobile, AGC no longer recommended.


DCI is now streaming several Talkgroups via Radio Reference and uStream.


DCI and DMR-MARC networks are now linked via c-Bridges.


DCI's USA Multi-Network TRBO Codeplug has been updated.


DCI's c-Bridge-l mailing list had a meltdown on 8-25-2011.  It has been back up since then but some members of old are still missing.  If you are interested in c-Bridge discussions as it relates to the c-Bridge IPSC product in Ham applications, then check it out.


DCI is now publishing a Multi-Network TRBO CodeplugIt supports 4 plus IPSC networks that now link via the c-Bridge.  Designed for Traveling Hams, visitors and new radio programming.  Also including the national TRBO Simplex freqs.
6-2-11 The DCI c-Bridge arrived June 2 (2011) and was installed that afternoon, now joining TRBO-6We are still tweaking but here's a look at the system diagram.

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This news page was started on 6-2-2011.  See our History Page for events from late 2008 and forward.
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