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Transit TRBO is a dispatch program with many extra features of interest to hams and is currently in active development. MTNet Tester and XcmpXnl are engines used in Dispatcher that the author was kind enough to spin-out as standalone freeware tools and has made available to the public.

A control radio is required (no IPSC entry) and is tethered to a windoZe PC via USB.  Display and non-display mobile radios can be used.  HT's can also be used but primarily with the Test Harness (XcmpXnl).  2-way audio is supported as well as audio recording and call logging.

Transit TRBO has a bunch of nifty features. The package is at about 20Mb now (SmPTT is 300Mb) so it is very compact and does not require a SQL server install. It supports Private Call, Group Call, GPS polling, Radio Check, Stun, etc. It also records all audio heard to WAV files and creates an HTML page that provides the associated data to go with the WAV files. This is rather perfect for Ham control operator, repeater owners and network manager uses.

Another nifty feature is the ability to read the contact list of the control radio, store all the group and private ID's (as an Unknown list) and then, as traffic is heard, TT takes that activity  and populates the Group and User lists. Those lists can be used as a pick list for TXing out or SMS, Private Call, etc. Very easy to build up the console to support the active users.

All 3 programs may run concurrently as well as CPS with no issues.

If you have already installed Transit TRBO and a new release is out, then you only need to download the update file: TransTRBO and simply unzip the new file over the old TransTRBO.exe file in the install directory.  There is no need to perform a new installation.  All your data, logs, aliases, html and audio files will remain intact.

Much more to follow as time permits so check out the Forum for now...


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MTNet Tester and XcmpXnl are interesting stand-alone programs.  Both are very compact and also use USB to connect to the radio and are major components to the more comprehensive dispatching program.

XcmpXnl is also known as the Test Harness.  It is a neat program that brings out to the user much that is buried in a TRBO radio.  It is so useful, that we use it to control the radio more often remotely rather than going to the radio and looking at the display or hitting the the buttons.  Features:

  • Full control of radio including PTT via USB

  • Audio input and recording via audio cable from mobile to PC

  • Radio check, monitor, Stun, RSSI, PTT, Private Call, Group Call, All Call

MTNet Tester is used for SMS and GPS functions.  Google Map support is in the works so that locations can be mapped out.  Features and updates:

  • Now handles received TMS messages and controls.

  • Several LRRP/GPS Requests now in a dropdown list.

  • Several Google Map utilities available for downloading and managing Map Tiles.

  • Single GPS point integrated with scrollable Map display window.

  • Added application update notifications via the net.

Miscellaneous thoughts

  • Custom Cables:  While a standard programming cable is the basic link between the radio and the PC, one must also have connections for audio in and out.  Additionally, longer cable lengths can be useful as well as provisioning for Speaker out and a pin or two for channel steering for other uses.  We are working with a vendor for custom cable combinations for use with Transit TRBO or the tools as well as for more typical remote base or analog repeater controller applications.

  • USB extender:  We are also exploring the use of a USB extender so that standard CAT 5 cables can be used for installations that require or prefer longer distances between the PC and the radio, from 100 to 300 feet.  There are other hard cabled extenders also available up to 35 feet.


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