DMR QnA Hour
Sunday evenings on TAC 310 following the TAC 310 Net or by 1800 PT / 2100 ET


Likely to die on the vine, too much trouble to get continuing interest in moderators or topic leaders, no feedback from anyone and just a single interested party for moderation.  The QnA Hour will simply follow the TAC 310 net if there is any informal interest and if not, will simply end.  I thought this approach would be successful but except for a few kind souls who did step up when asked, many others were too busy for 10-15 minutes and other just did not even respond to my Emails.

The QnA Hour focuses on assisting new DMR hams to help them learn more about DMR by way of scheduled weekly topics followed by an interactive forum.  We hope that this will help flatten the learning curve for a smoother entry into DMR.


Weekly Topic Line-up -- Schedule updated:  11-04-2014 and is subject to last minute changes

Date Mod Leader


11-09-2014 none none nothing scheduled, no more structured hours, informal at best
11-02-2014 NO7RF N6LDJ Roaming Explanation and Configuration
10-26-2014       TBA
10-19-2014 NO7RF N5QM "" and the "Parrot Echo Server"; good tools for new users and veterans alike
10-12-2014     No Net; no moderator available...
10-05-2014 NO7RF K6BIV NorCal Network, the most repeaters and c-Bridges per square mile in the USA
9-28-2014 NO7RF N8URW Great Lakes DMR Introduction / Rx Groups and Scan, one or the other...or both; advantages and disadvantages  [Rx/Scan will surface again as time was too short]
9-21-2014 NO7RF NO7RF What are the common TG's, where do they appear and what do they accomplish
9-14-2014 NO7RF NO7RF TAC 310 and PTT, what is it, how is it different, what does it do and why use it?
If you are interested in being a topic leader or moderator; leader page  --  Possible future topics below

The QnA Hour is not so much a net but more discussion group for an hour or so once a week. Our plan is to have a few short announcements and updates and then a 10-15 minute central theme to anchor the hour, followed by questions and answers with the topic leader for a few minutes thereafter.  We will fill in the balance of the session with questions from our listeners on the same or other topics.  If there is time or lull in the session, more advanced issues may also be addressed if there is any interest to finish out the session up to 1900 hours PT.

The format is a bit different from what you might expect:

  • No formal check-ins though PTT can be used as each moderator may vary their approach.

  • The QnA hour will begin by 1800 PT/2000 ET or earlier if the 310 net finishes early

  • A weekly topic presented by various hams, groups or organizations for 10-15 minute period

  • QnA or discussion of the weeks topic with presenter participation

  • Open QnA or discussion following the weekly topic with focus for the new user before advanced

  • QnA Hour will close by 1900 PT sharp

  • Suggest that you have NATS Netwatch or open to follow the traffic

TAC 310 is normally a PTT only talkgroup but most c-bridge admins are setting a full time status for a 2 hour block on Sunday evenings.  So PTT or ker-chunking should not be needed.  But TAC 310 goes silent, hit the pickle to insure that you still have connectivity to the talkgroup.

If you have access to a computer or tablet, you may find it helpful to enter some of the URL's that may be provided during the course of the hour and more especially during the topic presentations.

If you wish to listen in to the QnA Hour but don't have access to DMR, try the NorCal Audio Stream.


Comments, suggestions, future topics, focus leaders and volunteer moderators are welcome.  Email the QnA Hour.  Please let us know if you are interested in helping out. 


Quick Links for New Users

New User Guide "Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) " by John Burningham, W2XAB, May 2014
DMR Watch Near live and searchable list of all users who have been on DMR, User and Repeater Listings
New to DMR? Directory or see some handy offsite links: VA3XPR - DMR Wiki
Repeater Pinmap DMR-MARC's worldwide MotoTRBO repeater map
DCI User Information Info for new or prospective users of our networks
CSI CS700 DCI's Support for the CS700; information and several codeplugs
DMR Repeater Map Worldwide Map of DMR repeaters; all networks and organizations sponsored by DMR-MARC
EchoLink / AllStar Link Our Portal Details  /  DMR Information for Hams using EchoLink
Talkgroups for Dummies DCI's Basic Talkgroup controls via Push-to-Talk; more detail than most users will want to read  ;-)
Forum DCI's Support forum (BBS), an alternative (adjunct) to Yahoo, mailing lists & static web pages
Google+ for TRBO Google Community for Ham TRBO users
Facebook Group for Ham TRBO users  /  TRBO-6  /  MARC
Sitemap DCI's Sitemap and Alpha List for
Possible Future Topics  --  Let us know what you would like to see or assist with: contact us 

Possible Leader

W2XAB? New User Guide; latest handy info for new users (possibly led by the author)
KH6FV? Hawaii TRBO; much activity on the islands in Ham DMR
N6BMW Making the transition from "D-STAR to DMR - Everything you need to know"
N6BMW? Use of  the "Lone Worker" feature for everyday hams
K6BIV? NorCal Audio Streaming and VU Meter; why do we have it and why to do we need it
N5QM NATS; the North America Talkgroup Server project
NO7RF Emergency Use of All Call on Ham Networks; it takes c-Bridge Admin support
W0PM? Function of C-Bridge (versus IPSC)
various Scan and RX Groups; maximizing your listening pleasure or audio overload (TRBO, CS-700, Hytera
various Describe Your DMR Network (various admins describe their config / use philosophy, backhaul; DCI, NorCal, DMR-MARC, etc.)
  Description of how Caller-ID / Contacts Work in DMR
  Using a "Call Complete" tone means not having to say, "OVER"...for the other guy!
  What are color code/admit criteria, talk permit & call complete tones
  Standard DMR Features (compatibility across brands: Alert Call, Enable/Disable, etc.)
  Radio Programming; Admit Criteria, TXI (CS700 and TRBO differences)
  Using Data Services; Radio Check, SMS, Call Alert and Private Voice
  AllStar and EchoLink Portals into DMR; analog audio benefits and issues (pitfalls)
  Too many talkgroups; a different method to implement networking of TG's
  PTT Talkgroups (how, why, roaming implications, other limitations [not immediate; only locals reset hold timer])
  Admit Criteria Settings
  Scanning Configuration How-To (for a ham user of a commercial radio)
  Roaming Explanation and Configuration
  Talk-around / Direct Mode (yea, “simplex” if you must); there is a difference
  GPS applications in DMR
  Simple Repeater Linking How-to (e.g., 2-repeater IPSC network)
  Wide-banding a narrowband DMR radio (Moto, Hyt, CSI, etc.)
  Detailed Pro / Con review of various model radios (same tier, maybe)
  Backhaul Options for Networks
  DMR / Digital Frequency Coordination Policies in Different Areas
  ETSI DMR Tiers (Tier I/II/III)
Discussion Topics  --  Round-table style rather than by a topic leader
  Text Messaging
  Private Calling
  Programming / Zoning approach for multiple repeater systems and groups
  DMR vs. D-Star
  DMR vs. P25 PH1 / PHII Conventional
  DMR vs. NXDN
For the truly boring evenings where high tolerance is needed
  FCC ID’ing in DMR
  Any FCC regulatory topic
If you wish to be a topic leader, moderator or have an idea for a topic, please contact us

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