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This page supports CSI's new model line of DMR radios on the DCI networks. 

Running list of features, complaints and cool stuff at bottom of page

DCI has chosen to support this model line due to the great personal and professional support by the Jerry at CSI as well as Jerry's unusually good working relationship with the manufacturer in China.  Firmware updates based on ham and Jerry's efforts with the manufacturer show great promise for this model line to excel and that will help us already in Ham DMR to help the growth of DMR.

While the CS700 is not yet fully compatible with MotoTRBO data (few non-TRBO are), it has substantial compatibility (similar to other non Motorola brands) and has or will have substantial features that will compel it to become a serious DMR contender.  This includes the very low price/high value ratio of course but also features to be added soon.

Connect Systems Long time manufacturer of Radio controllers, interconnects and related Land Mobile devices.
CS700  UHF Analog/DMR compatible HT Information page, files, software
Yahoo Group Support for the CSI Mode Line (DCI Codeplugs)
DCI Codeplugs DCI Generic / DCI PNW  --  Basic and rough, entry-level codeplugs but with examples of RX and Scan lists to maximize the number of talkgroups that can be monitored.  These plugs are the most current though do do appear on csidmr
Order: CSI Contact, Email: or phone:  805-642-7184  Or see Ham Friendly Dealers
QST Ad/Dayton QST display ad with DMR Networks & Dayton Hamvention reference (3.3Mb pdf)

Update: 3-15-2014:  Upgraded to CPS v1.16 and Firmware 1.25

Both in the programming software and the radio's firmware are improving steadily.  Much easier to now to code a plug.  Remember to watch the csidmr Yahoo Group for the latest on this radio.

I think it's value is appreciating actually rather than the reverse.  ;-)

My CS700 Arrived about 1530 2-4-2014

With about 3 hours of time on it, now programmed with the basic plug, some observations, comments, complaints and even a few complements.  Please keep in mind I am a long time TRBO user and base my comments from that vantage.  I will be harsher in comments than one who has never been a DMR user.  But also, firmware is young and most of the user experience items can easily be addressed, so patience is likely needed:

  • Great radio for new DMR users sold at a great price not withstanding my complaints here

  • Tx and Rx audio is SUPERB out of the box, better than Gen 1 TRBO with AGC enabled

  • Physically, a solid build, smaller than the 6500 and nicer fit in the hand

  • The programming software is being polished, some rough edges...but it works fairly well now (1.16)

  • Coding the plug is straight-forward but clip/cut/paste is poor, no sort, will be difficult to maintain a plug as it grows beyond 1 zone and 16 channels.  Software needs more fixes, should be soon

  • The radio has an annoying clicking, thud or pop at start and end of digital reception, key presses, etc.

  • The annunciation tones are far too loud relative to the volume control, want to kill all tones

  • Turn off the "Call Receive Tone" in Digital Contacts; one less speaker pop (enable once pop is fixed)

  • Scan is disabled with channel change, remember to turn it back on

  • This radio appears to be very similar to a Motorola XPR-6500 HT; not an issue just an observation

  • I have not yet tried it in analog mode

  • Would you want this radio?  First time DMR users: Yes, especially if the price-point is a main focus.  Experienced DMR user?  Maybe, if you want a spare, a loaner or a demo radio for first time users to consider getting into DMR.


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