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  Attendance results are in and also all counts from 1991-2014
Hamvention will stream Live streaming Video or see video at bottom of page
All Codeplugs are coded, no further updates unless mistakes are found.  Did add Ohio St to timeslot 2 for the MARC repeaters and timeslot 1 for DCI.
DCI's primary contact points will be: 1) Fleamarket repeater (or talkaround if repeater is off-air, 2)  Simplex 4 (433.75000, TS1, TG 99) and 3) Dayton North repeater on Ohio (TG 3139 on TS2).  So be sure to program Ohio State (3139) as it is carried by both MARC (on TS2)and DCI (on TS1) and will be primarily for Hamvention wide area use.  Hara 4 Simplex (433.45 TG 99 on TS 1) for on-site simplex also.
DCI Michigan repeater will be onsite Saturday 0800-1700th at a minimum.  Or use Hara 4 Simplex to find us.  Check back for additional times at Hara.  Also will be at Hotel Alley Friday evenings & Saturday & Sunday mornings.

Introduction to DMR  John Burningham, W2XAB; moderator & author
Friday, 1545-1700, Rm 5, Get your "DMR for Dummies" book, will be SRO

DMR is an international standard for professional digital two-way radio systems.  A number of manufacturers including Motorola Solutions (MototrboTM), Hytera, Harris, BFDX, Tait, Vertex Standard, Connect Systems, Rayfield Communications, and Kenwood are involved with DMR. This presentation will include a basic introduction to DMR Tier2 which has been implemented in a number of Amateur Radio networks worldwide including the DMR-MARC and DCI networks. There are currently over amateur 550 repeaters and over 6000 users worldwide.

Time is running out.  We still need help with local Dayton repeater frequencies and info useful to (DMR) attendees.  If you know any info, especially HT coverages for Hara outside and inside as well as Hotel Alley (Miller Lane just south and east of I-70 and I-75 about 7 miles north of the center of the city of Dayton), please pass it along via Email to DCI.


Hamvention Attendance 1991-2014

DMR-MARC: Booth BA0449 (opposite the ARRL) (map for DMR)

CSI: Booth BA0437, close to DMR-MARC (map for DMR)

Rayfield Communications: Booth BA0487 (map for DMR)

DCI @ CODIG: Flea Market Spaces FW3530-3535

DMR Forum, Friday May 16th, 1545-1700 in meeting room 5

See: CSI and their QST Display Ad for Hamvention 2014

Hamvention Indoor Vendors and Outdoor Flea market Lists

Hamvention APRS  -  Flea Market Map  -  Booth Map (?)  -  Hara Aerial

Check in to the Dayton Hamvention Survey on the DCI MTUSA Yahoo group and let us know if you are going and what to do while there.

DCI has published the following codeplugs:

  •  MotoTRBO UHF 6500: uses CPS 7.6/Firmware R01.08.32 for backward/forward compatibility and has the latest 30 day last heard contacts as well as various other contacts to bring the plug up to the 1000 ceiling

  • CSI CS700 is using the latest CPS and Firmware Versions, currently V1.19 and F1.27

  • Vertex VXD720 (thanks to Dave KD8BQN)

  • Codeplug Directory

  • Coding details and features

IF you wish to help on this project; contribute suggestions, freqs, TG's or
local analog info appreciated. please Email us

Hamvention DMR Resources
Site Frequency CC Talkgroups-Timeslots Notes
Dayton N. 442.8750 +5 1 NA-1 WW-1, Local-2, Ohio-2, Midwest-2 Primary Hara Arena HT Coverage / DMR MARC
Piqua 444.8375 +5 1 NA-1 WW-1, Local-2, Ohio-2, Midwest-2 Hara Outside Mobile / DMR MARC (poor to no HT coverage)
Dayton S. 443.7500 +5 1 NA-1 WW-1, Local-2, Ohio-2, Midwest-2 Hara Outside / DMR MARC, (more for mobile use only)
MARC Booth 442.1750 +5 1 NA-1, WW-1, Local-2, Midwest-2, Bridge 2, TAC 310-2, Ohio-2  Hara Inside / available during manned booth hours only
Flea market 442.5000 +5 1 Most DCI TG's with Ohio-2, TAC 310-2, Bridge 2, MARC NA & WW Hara onsite mobile repeater / Saturday 8-5, possibly Friday PM and/or Sunday AM, N8URW / Also Hotel Alley (1 mile of Miller Ln just South of I-70) when not at Hara
Springboro 147.135 +.6 1 NA-1, WW-1, Local-2, Midwest-2, Bridge 2, TAC 310-2, Ohio-2 DMR MARC plus TG's, WB8SCT, some HT coverage outside, mobile coverage from 18 miles South of Hara to North of I-70
Columbus 443.1500 +5 1 NA-1, WW-1, Local-2, Bridge 2, TAC 310-2 W8TRB (66 miles East of Hara) (not in codeplugs)
Cincinnati 442.1750 +5 1 NA-1, WW-1, Local, Midwest DMR MARC plus TG's, K4USD (51 miles South of Hara) (not in codeplugs)
Simplex Hara 4 433.4500 1 99-1 "UHF 4" preferred for use onsite, program "Always"  (More)
Simplex Hara 1 441.0000 1 99-1 program "Always"  (More)
Simplex Hara 2 446.5000 1 99-1 program "Always"  (More)
Simplex Hara 3 446.0750 1 99-1 program "Always"  (More)

Hamvention Livestream Video

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