c-Bridge Information  

NEW:  "X" Line announced; many new features and at a lower price point.

We can provide new repeaters or existing IPSC networks a mastered or masterless network manager on our c-Bridge for connections either for testing or long term affiliation.

All repeaters and their users and IPSC networks linked to our c-Bridge must have a registered repeater and User ID with the DMR/MARC ID database as well as current firmware and several other matching network settings.

Documentation System Users Guide and Reference Manual (5 meg pdf; 10-26-2013)
Features c-Bridge Features
Forum Support, Implementation and product announcements
Linking Interesting in linking with the DCI c-Bridge?  (CPM Links)
Networks More about the networks on the DCI c-Bridge
Pros-n-Cons The good and the bad
Support DCI's support BBS for the c-Bridge
Streaming DCI's latest Audio Streaming project; audio from DCI and DMR-MARC 1 as well as other testing.
System Diagram Visual block routing diagram of the DCI c-Bridge
TalkGroups Purpose of each common talkgroup crossing through the c-Bridge

The c-Bridge by Rayfield Communications is our interconnection device of choice.

We may have some of the info here wrong, if so, we would appreciate your comments, suggestions and/or corrections.

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