Streaming of DCI and DMR-MARC Networks

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LiveStream Video/VU Meter

Broadcastify (Mobile), Archives Tech Net Archives

Talkgroup Priority 1 is: "DCI 1", then "Bridge 2" or Comm 1"
 Other talkgroups dynamically depending on nets or other conditions

How to best use the VU Meter to check your levels

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Radio Reference Audio Feed

DCI's: DCI 1, Comm 1, Bridge 2 and TAC 310 talkgroups are available on both LiveStream (our primary video service now) and on Broadcastify (was Radio Reference)   DMR-MARC's North America and WorldwideTalkgroups are streamed for most nets and otherwise, at random periods for audio testing sessions.  Pleause use it to correct your audio levels

The following Nets are are streamed:

MARC Worldwide held on Saturdays at Noon Eastern are on Worldwide 2.
MARC Tech Net held on Wednesdays at 2100 Eastern are on North America 2.

Many net archives are available for both BC, LiveStream, uStream and/or Technet although there is no active effort by DCI to archive current nets.  The burden to do so was significant.

FYI:  For the Ker-Chunkers out there...there is a delay from live TRBO audio to actual LiveStream  output of a few seconds but Radio Reference is typically about 30 seconds but has been as short as 15 seconds or as long as 9 minutes. 

The VU Meter is now available.  Best audios are in the yellow range, one red bar maximum.  More details on how to best use this new tool.

The streaming audio levels are fully conditioned to compensate for the many TRBO radios with hot audio (piercing local audio at times) which overdrives the streaming feeds.  The audios are set to pass 300-3000 Hz at 0 dB, audio frequencies above and below are attenuated 12 dB and then all audio above 0 dB is compressed 3:1.  With 8 dB of headroom locally, this limits +9 dB TRBO audio levels to just +3 dB, well below the limit of the streaming servers.  This hopefully will provide better streaming audio whether listening on a high fidelity audio system or the crummy speakers in smart phones.  However, over-driven audio will still sound poor, just not loud.  See our AGC audio test page for more info.  Bad TRBO audio is caused by the users holding their mics or radios improperly or by their own incorrect audio settings programmed into their radios.  This is a user problem and not a defect in TRBO audio generally.  It has been a user issue for YEARS now!

If you wish to listen via your smart phone, iPad, Tablet, etc, you can go to this mobile feed with your browser or get an Adroid app like Scanner Radio.  More info will be posted as apps are tested or recommended.  Comments welcome from users of other smart phones, pads or tablets.

LiveStream broadcasts DCI and MARC talkgroups with priority to DCI 1 while scanning Bridge 2 and Comm 1.  LiveStream is the better service as it provides video of a TRBO radios' display which is rather cool as you can watch the talkgroups, user ID's, RF and Scan activity, the VU Meter as well as hear very good audio.  The downside is that 30 second commercial as inserted randomly.  Take a look/listen: LiveStream. 

LEGACY:  As of 12-11-2011, DCI began feeding "Comm 1" and  DMR-MARC's "Goup 1" via scan on a single control radio. As soon as the second control radio comes online, the audio will be split so that the left channel will be "Comm 1" traffic and the right channel will be "Group 1" traffic.  Both will be available simultaneously with equal or no priority.

This initial streaming implementation requires a single TRBO control radio that scans both Talkgroups; "Comm 1" and "Group 1".  "Comm 1" has the priority over "Group 1" and the feed is monaural.  This is temporary until a second control radio is available to dedicate to this streaming project's right audio channel.  The initial audio rumble has been cleaned up and the base response reduced.  The audio level into the RR server is set fairly low due to the wide dynamic range and many TRBO radios that are overdriven by their operators.

Please check back to this page for the latest details on this effort.  DCI appreciates DMR-MARC's cooperation in this streaming project.  If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on these feeds, please send them to:

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