Linking with DCI

DCI encourages connections or links to other Ham repeaters, networks and/or c-Bridges.

Currently, the conference connections to the DCI c-Bridge are with: SF Trbo, NorCal, and DMR-MARC and more than 20 other c-Bridges.  These connections enable DCI access to the above c-Bridges and their various IPSC networks that manage over 300 other Ham repeaters around the world.  This is believed to link all of the major amateur TRBO repeater networks that choose to inter-link with other networks.

The new c-Bridge 50x will now enable owners/admins of single repeaters to easily join their own networks and still have access to all the talkgroups on DCI.  Even owners of the 5x can benefit from DCI's resources.

We encourage the use of Teamviewer for computer session use of the c-Bridge as well as TeamSpeak for comm to bring a repeater onto the DCI network.  Both services enhance our abilities to make efficient use of IPSC and the c-Bridge especially for problem-solving.

Whether just for temporary, testing or for full-time, DCI is open to connecting to others.  We see the c-Bridge as a wonderful way to grow TRBO generally without the inherent problems of large peer/master IPSC networks.  We want to play TRBO and c-Bridge, learn, experiment and share our knowledge. We also wish to provide a platform for others to use to build their TRBO networking experience.

It's safe to say that the c-Bridge will enable much less formal liaisons and speedier implementation of new demonstration, temporary or permanent links.

Click on Open Demonstration Network to learn more about how get your repeater easily connected though now individual managers are available now that DCI has a 50x c-Bridge.  See who is on our networks or try our talkgroup known as the "Bridge"..  And if you need a USA ready codeplug, we have that also.

If you have ideas, input, corrections or suggestions, we would encourage you to send them to us at:

c-Bridge to c-Bridge connections, the best and preferred approach to linking networks, 25 maximum connections.
IPSC Network The commonest linking style but limited to only 3-5 IPSC networks per c-Bridge (IPSC-3); Peer or Master repeater required
Linking to
DCI Demo Network
Temporary or occasional linking, testing, short or long term, for demonstration or learning experience, no Static IP or master repeater needed to join.
c-Bridge early adopters
NorCal DCI

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