c-Bridge Pros and...Cons

The "c-Bridge CB-IPSC-3" is a product that has been on the market since March of 2011.  This is primarily a "Pro" page as we enthusiastically endorse this device.  Yet we still want to enable others to better evaluate it for themselves and that is tough to do without actually being able to pound on the c-Bridge first hand.

Support from the developer has been sterling.  Improvements and feature requests are continuously implemented.  After a year or so of time with the c-Bridge, it is still an exciting project and has been the product that has enabled this ham group to move well past the limits of a single MotoTRBO IPSC Network and more importantly, has enabled linking with other individuals, clubs and groups that operate with or without their own c-Bridge.

If you have input, suggestions, comments, etc, just send 'um on...     More Feature Details

Support Support team actively supports each c-Bridge, true one on one service
Seamless Voice really does work well across the ports and c-Bridge-to-c-Bridge
Dynamic Super Groups and a Schedular for on the fly talkgroup control and routing
Remote Upd Vendor or customer can do remote software updates; ongoing features added
Monitoring Extensive network monitoring and Emailed network reports
Cost $2,000 to $3,000 each, reasonably competitive in the Amateur community
Docs Documentation; online in c-Bridge, growing as of 7-2012

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