c-Bridge Features

The c-Bridge CB-IPSC-3 was released in March of 2011.  The DCI c-Bridge IPSC-3 arrived in June 2011.  It works very well and is an exciting, almost quantum leap in TRBO IPSC evolution due to it's ability to operate many more repeaters and IPSC networks together, intelligently and seamlessly.  The new X Box line was released October 2013 and is superior in both hardware and firmware.  DCI's 50x was installed October 30, 2013.
Cost / Features $500-$3,000 for 5-50 IPSC Managers / 10-100 Conference Connections
Hardware 2U racked chassis, Celeron processor running CentOS, 2 gig RAM, SSD
Web Management Complete control and management via web so box can go to your best internet location, supports multiple management log-ins for multiple sysop control
5-50 IPSC Networks Up to 50 discrete IPSC networks can be bridged or managed on 1 c-Bridge  (50x)
Conference Connection up to 100 Conference Connections to other c-Bridges
Master or Peer c-Bridge can be a peer or master on an IPSC network
Cross TS and TG Ports or bridge connections are independently configurable as to TG's and TS's
ID-Mapping Aliases of peer, user and Talkgroup ID's are supported via simple CVS files
Scheduler Automated or TG triggers enables Bridging of TG's via "Super Groups"
Data Data now traverses managers and CC's; SMS, private calls, radio checks
Accounts Multiple level log-ons & logging for easy sharing of Netwatch Monitoring and more
Transmit Interrupt TXI is now used for additional call arbitration and call collision avoidance
RSSI Signal reports shown on all repeaters on all of it's network managers
Call Monitoring All calls and data are shown (not content but activity; optional AMBE possible)
Diagnostics Extensive suite of diagnostic and network monitoring tools
Live monitoring Several methods to monitor network activity passively via web page auto-refresh
Logging Extensive network, status, admin and activity logging capabilities
Email Network reporting daily and/or on abnormal conditions
Documentation System Users Guide and Reference Manual in PDF format
Real Support The developer is available, responsive & quick to satisfy or address any issues

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