Nets on DMR
Not a single now dormant 11-22-2014

Wed 2100 ET Tech Net North Am Technical discussion DMR-MARC
Thur 2200 ET Cal DMR Net Cal (TG 3107)   NorCal
Thur   Canada Ontario pending details Can-TRBO
Sat 1200 ET Worldwide Net Worldwide Check-in net DMR-MARC
Sun 2000 ET TAC 310 Net TAC 310 Casual and light-hearted KD8BQN
Sun 2100 ET QnA Hour TAC 310 New user's information hour, rotating topics, see schedule; may begin prior to 1800 if the TAC 310 ends early QnA Hour
Most Nets are Streamed by the NorCal Streaming and VU Meter Project
All Nets are always in need of NCS assistance, please consider helping out

Please report any changes, updates or additions, Email Us

Use of GMT is problematic as most nets occur in areas that use daylight saving time (DST).  If GMT is used, then then most nets listed above will to have GMT listed time changed twice a year as the net times do change.  Some nets would also have day changes as well, so GMT is not used and listeners other areas will need to do the math.  Eastern time has now been adopted.

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