DCI's Hamvention 2014

Codeplug Coding Info

2 Codeplugs are available for Dayton Hamvention 2014, CSI CS700 and Motorola XPR-6500. 
The approach  for coding is designed to support use of a portable at and around Hara Arena and then the surrounding areas including Hotel Alley.  Local permanent repeaters as well as the known portable or mobile repeaters are to be included.
These plugs will use Rx Groups and Scan Lists extensively.  It may appear the digital scan lists are not fully populated but they are complete for each zone as Rx Groups do the heavy lifting and do so FAR MORE EFFICIENTLY than scan alone.  See:  Rx and Scan List Programming for more information on this technique.

If local or wide area analog repeaters are submitted to this project, they will be added to the Analog Zone as well as a scan list.  Please help us out.  With 25,000 attendees a few DMR capable hams are likely to need to have access.

The MotoTRBO plug is coded with CPS 7.6 and Firmware R01.08.32 for the best compatibility forward; CPS 10.0 will load this plug correctly.  TrboLnk's excellent Contact List Creator (big credit to: Glen VE9GLN & Dave KD8EYF) is used for the base contact list .  Use the Clip-n-Paste approach for the best chance to minimize your coding for your TRBO codeplug.

CSI's CS700 UHF HT DETAILS  (CPS 1.16 & firmware 1.25)  (Codeplug Directory)
  • Contact List:  Still to work on adding in a comprehensive contact list; looking for tools 

  • Zones: Dayton North (MARC), Dayton South (MARC), Flea Market (DCI) and Booth (MARC) and Simplex

  • Channels: 

  • Scan Lists: List for each repeater; scan lists are minimal as Rx lists will hear all TG's on timeslot.  This allows many TG's to be listened to with just a scan list of any two channels that listen to both timeslots.  If you elect not to use or remove the Rx Groups, you will need to add to the scan list to offset the loss of the other talkgroups on the same timeslot.

  •  Rx Groups:  Most channels will support Rx Groups for each repeater

  • Simplex:  Zone for Simplex digital on TG 99 as well as 446 analog CSQ and CTCSS on 100.0 Hz

  • Dayton Hear All Channel:  Receive only channel with Auto Scan and Rx List to listen to all known DMR in and around Hamvention.. Added to bottom of most zones if space is available.

  • Cloning:  Very simple; back-up your existing codeplug, load this one and write it in, reload old plug when finished evaluating this plug or after your return from Hamvention 2014, hope you enjoyed it!


Motorola's XPR-6500 UHF HT DETAILS  (CPS 7.6 & firmware R01.08.32)  (Codeplug Directory)
  • Same as above for the CS700 but with the following additional:

  • Contact List:  DMRlnk's North America 30 day last heard (500+ currently) plus Ohio and surrounding states to fill the plug to the 1000 ceiling.  The list will be updated the weekend before Hamvention.

  • Full TXI is enabled

  • Compressed UDP Data is NOT enabled for maximum capability with CS700's

  • If you cannot clone (very likely), use the copy-n-paste approach for the 6500 codeplug to simplify your programming efforts.  If you don't follow those instructions you will likely lose all the Talkgroup and Scan List information already coded.

If you wish to help on this project; contribute suggestions, freqs, TG's or
local analog info appreciated. please Email us

Email your additions, corrections or comments

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