Live Net watch

Live Net watch provides DCI repeater owners a view of all the DCI networks but more particularly, it enables an owner to see their own repeater or IPSC network from the perspective of the DCI c-Bridge.  These 2 new pages allows an owner to see the health of their repeater or network, Conference Connections as well as the dynamic state of the talkgroups across the entire cluster of c-Bridges.  NetWatch is available to anyone interested

A DCI c-Bridge account is needed to access these pages, send your request to
Live Net watch:  this page consists of 3 tables; Managers, Current Talker and Call History.  Between Managers and Current Talker are Conference Connections (no table, series of icons)

Manager Table: shows that the green peer (usually a repeater) is the source, the reds indicate destination peers.  The red or green at the top of each peer indicates timeslot 1 is active and the bottom indicated timeslot 2.  The left or right sides of the peer icons show green or red if data is passing on TS 1, TS 2 or both.  If a peer icon goes yellow, then that is an indication that there are network problems, usually minor but occasionally serious.  Contact the c-bridge admin if you want more info on any issues.

Conference Connections:  CC's are the pipes that carry talkgroups to other c-Bridges.  The Control Center name and Link ID (LID) are the labels shown inside each icon.  "DCI 19" is Comm 1 as an example.

Current Talker and Call History are the same as other Net watches are the same as you have seen elsewhere.

Other Information:  Each Gateway or Control Center must have a unique name, This is T6-DCI which is the main c-Bridge for the DCI organization.  Control Center: DCI is the QB or part of the backbone talkgroup server

The master repeater is listed first in each row of the table.  If the c-Bridge is the Master on the manager then it is first and is typically labeled as: DCI xx.

Any "RDAC"s logged onto an IPSC network will never show red or blue activity as they are not passing any voice traffic.

Planets:  this page shows the relationship between the various c-Bridges and the DCI c-Bridge with the organization by c-Bridge.  This is more an "at a glance" page to show routings or alignment of the planets.

The numbers indicate the LID and matches the LID seen on the Net watch page.

The DCI planets at the bottom represent the 100 possible timeslots for the 50 managers and also matches numbering of the Managers on the left column of the Managers table on the Net watch page.


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