c-Bridge ID Mapping (Aliases)

JP, KC9KKO is kindly supplying files 1 and 2 now using his new 3 minute egg-timer tool.  What has required several hours to create, is now presto! 

The very latest files are uploaded into the DMR-MARC-BRIDGE Yahoo group (restricted) but some of the older files are available here from this page.

The c-Bridge supports Aliasing of peer repeater, user and Talkgroup ID fields

The netwatch page can show alpha-numeric information rather than simply the ID's numbers alone.  Here is a sample of what "Net watch" can show if you make use of these files.

The files are simple CSV's consisting of 2 fields in each record.  The aliased text is first, then the ID number, separated by a comma.  (IE: apha-text-string,ID-number).  This file works for all ID's.

Any matching ID number loaded will overwrite any existing ID number, so if you have a custom file, be sure to load it last or after the repeater and user files as any dups are overwritten by the most recent loading.  You may need to "Right-Click" and then "Save as" the files.

By adding these (or similar files), you enhance the value of Net watch, especially if you provide "Guest" accounts to your repeater owners, system managers, Net Control Operators or others with a need to have access to Net watch.

 1- Repeaters All 245 repeaters listed in the DMR-MARC Database as of 03-01-2013  (newer?)
 2 - Users All 2,634 users listed in the DMR-MARC Database as of 03-01-2013  (newer?)
 3 - State TGs 51 State and DC Talkgroup ID numbers  (with full state names)
3s - State TGs 51 State and DC Talkgroup ID numbers  (with 2 digit state codes for narrower Net watch)
 4- DCI Custom Sample file that can/ should be built to fit the desires of the c-Bridge manager
idmappingfiles The raw directory with the some additional files

Directions for adding these files to your c-Bridge:

1) Save the above files 1 and 2 (3 & 4 are optional) to your local drive (use Right Click, Save As if needed)
2) From the c-Bridge web server, go to: "Config", "Radio ID Mapping"
3) "Wipe List" (if not empty; unless you have critical non-backed-up data hand-typed in)
4) "Choose File" and select the file 1-Repeaters (already saved on your local drive)
5) Select "Load File" The file contents are loaded and displayed
6) Repeat items "4)" and "5)" for file 2-Users and optionally file 3-Custom or your own custom file
7) You should now have at least 1,700 recorded listed in your c-Bridge
8) Always make your changes or additions to your custom file so that they are not lost when "Wiping"

Revised: 09/19/2014 05:43