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c-Bridge and Repeater Owners
Discussion Group

CBRO (sea-bro) is a closed discussion group for c-Bridge and Repeater owners.  Non-members are welcome to follow the group as it is public but only members may post to the group.  It is not our intent to be a "closed group for elitist members", but is our effort to try to provide a more useful resource that may assist everyone, but especially our members.

This group is intended to get to the meat of IPSC, repeater and c-Bridge management without all the drama of postings that go off thread, are over-quoted, engage in member bashing and other antics typically found in public discussion groups.  While this goal may be difficult to achieve, we will try to keep the signal to noise ratio high as this group matures.  Member participation is the key to building a resource...or it may simply, die on the vine.


Google Communities are somewhat similar to Yahoo Groups or Facebook groups but GC was selected over the other options for several reasons:

  • The public can read the group and learn about DMR, but not actively participate

  • Membership can be restricted to qualifying individuals to help insure a better overall S/N ratio

  • Discussions can be organized by subject matter rather than obscured by long threads

  • Make use of existing accounts on Gmail for notifications by Email, push or nothing

  • Arguably better user interface since the Yahoo Group Changes in 2013

Who may Join:

  • Hams with valid call signs who:

    • own or manage a c-Bridge

    • own or is a trustee of a Ham DMR repeater

    • other hams who have an interest and dedication to helping the above

  • Other Hams who have an interest in DMR in some fashion, case by case

  • Other persons who are active in DMR; as 3rd party developers, professionally or personally have contributed to the furtherance of HAM DMR and who wish to participate; case by case


  • Moderators rule the roost, don't get upset if they exercise control

  • No rants, personal attacks or other actions that others to feel unwelcome

    • This is not your home, if you don't wish to play nicely, then you will be booted

  • Posts may be moved to other topics as appropriate

  • Posts may be deleted or author requested to edit but no moderator will edit any other member's post

  • Remember: high S/N is the goal to grow this group to become a resource for newcomers as well as old-timers


  • Do not post any proprietary information as this group is public

  • Read by way of the individual discussion groups rather than just monitor the "All Posts" default page

  • Use the Search Box with keywords as the discussions fill out over time

  • Have a open mind, willing to learn, willing to share, positive and helpful approach

  • Please do some sort of introduction, especially if you are a c-Bridge owner/admin

  • Read the rules above...again

To Join:

  • You may request to join directly from the CBRO group's page

  •  You should also Email us directly to speed up the request

    • Include: Name, Call, Repeater ID Number and/or c-Bridge Control Center name

    • if this information can not be crossed easily with QRZ, MARC's databases, etc, then include more information would be appreciated, saving us time and you further delay by shooting us an Email

    • Non-Hams or non-owners with interest in DMR, IPSC, etc, tell us more please

If you read and agree to be a willing partner to this approach to information sharing then,
here's the link to DMR-CBRO

If you think this approach simply sucks or you have other reservations, feel free to Contact CBRO


Revised: 02/20/2016 09:27