DCI and TRBO-6 Dayton Hamvention 2012 Presence

FINAL:  Ray NVL and Mike WUI got back home on the 28th.  The mobile repeater was a 90% success.  Details

NEWS:  Another TRBO Repeater will be on the DCI/TRBO-6 network in Dayton.  Sponsored by Scott KB6UOO, it will be running at their hotel and will operating on 442.5125, +5, CC1, both timeslots will be on IPSC.  Our codeplug has this mode added.  The DCI mobile repeater will still be operating from the vehicle full time.

The DCI repeater (1-25 watt UHF) will be fully mobile, up 7/24 and close enough to Hara Arena for HT coverage inside (hopefully).  It will also be on network during the entire road trip, data coverage and cellular hand-offs permitting.  The USA codeplug has been updated with a new Dayton Zone for DCI/TRBO-6 modes, DMR-MARC modes as well as Digital Simplex and several analog modes.

Ray WA6NVL and Mike WB6WUI will be onboard the sled ("TRBO-Express") to Dayton.  We will be on the road for 11 days to and from Dayton and in Dayton for 6 days (May 16-21).  The trip will be just over 5,200 miles including all the "touristing" along the way.  We will be APRS active on NVL-7, WUI-3 and/or WUI-5 as well as SPOT tracker, Google Latitude and several lesser services.  We are planning a live DashCam also.

DCI would still like to have a local repeater presence near Hara Arena for 2012. Please contact us  if you have a local TRBO repeater and would like to jump on the DCI IPSC network during the event (or longer).  But time is short.

Dayton 2013

Repeater Details

Repeater TX Repeater RX CC TG on TS 1 TG on TS 2 Sponsor
 442.5125 447.5125  1 Comm 1-3777215 Comm 2-377216 KB6UOO
433.1500 449.6500  3 Comm 1-3777215 Comm 2-377216 WB6WUI

Comm 1 will be on all DCI and TRBO-6 repeaters on the IPSC networks via c-Bridge
Comm 2 will be only on DCI repeaters on the DCI networks

DCI Repeater will be on-network from 5-12 through 5-27 for the 5.200 mile road trip

KB6UOO Repeater will be on-network from 5-17 PM to 5-19 Noon'ish

Dayton 2012 Zone added to the USA codeplug

NOTE:  Subscriber radios need to program their Rx and Tx frequencies the reverse of the above

If ultimately no Internet is available while in Dayton, the repeater will not be deployed but simplex, 433.15, CC3 Comm 1 will be monitored for activity, the National TRBO Simplex channels (see Repeater Listing) as well as local DMR-MARC repeater on 443.750+5, CC1 onsite at Hara.

The TRBO Express mobile repeater has been made possible due to the generosity of Chris N3RPV, owner of our Allentown PA Repeater, has kindly loaned DCI a Cradlepoint WiMax router with Verizon LTE and Sprint 4G/3G cards for the 15 day "TRBO-Express" road trip which includes 6 days on-site at Dayton.

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