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Interstate 5 Talkgroup
Border to Border Regional Interstate Coverage - CA OR WA


NEW:  All of I-5 covered in Washington, 2/3rd's of Oregon


I-5  ---  TG ID 3168 on Timeslot 1

Interstate 5 is the only freeway in the US that is contiguous from border to border or coast to coast in the United states.  The goal with this talkgroup is to be able to have continuous (or nearly so) coverage from our northern and southern borders with Canada and Mexico (Wiki).  Including our current coverages into Baja Mexico and British Columbia, that would be approximately 2400 miles.  While unlikely that complete coverage will ever be attained, the major population areas could be.  Currently, our coverages are approximately 508 miles with another 243 miles to be added  based on new repeaters being planned for Oregon and Washington in 2016.

All repeaters have I-5 on full time.  Please limit the general chatter so that our repeater owners will not be pressured to change to PTT.  Any change to PTT will dilute the value of this travelers talkgroup.  3-5 minute hold-off timers are in place generally.

Update: The increasing use and arguable success of the I-5 talkgroup has spawned a new talkgroup: PNW 2 (103187 on TS 2) to augment I-5.  PNW 2 is also full time but on TS2 and is  a general chatter talkgroup, implemented in part to reduce the chatter on I-5 which occupies PNW's main or priority timeslot.  PNW 2 is open to any c-Bridge that wishes to carry it, without the restrictions imposed on I-5.

The Interstate 5 talkgroup has been created specifically for use by those who travel Interstate 5 anywhere from Canada to Mexico or have an interest in TRBO communications up and down this freeway corridor.  It should, in essence, be considered a "phone home" talkgroup for travelers moving along this 1,400 mile stretch of North America with RF coverage that spans 3 countries.  More on the "phone home" concept in the iCall talkgroup page.

There are approximately 20-25 TRBO repeaters that have likely Interstate 5 coverage in California, Oregon and Washington as well of much of British Columbia (Hwy 1 and 99) .  San Diego (Otay Mtn) has coverage well into Baja California as well.  By the end of 2016, we expect to have 13 repeaters carrying this talkgroup sans any existing repeaters that choose to join randomly.  We expect his should provide coverage of all of Washington and most of Oregon by years end.  California growth has increased with the participation by Mountain West in January of 2016.

USE of I-5:  By design, I-5 is to be kept on full time on the repeaters that carry it.  As DCI has I-5 on timeslot 1, it is considered a priority talkgroup on our c-Bridge.  This is important as it is always problematic when users try to use it as a timeslot 1 gab channel.  It is specifically for the I-5 travel corridor and of little use if the talkgroup evolves to PTT access as repeater owners tire of its misuse.  It is considered a calling talkgroup and limited talk and then when no other TG is convenient.  If allowed to be another wide area talkgroup, repeater owners are going to press for changes to PTT and that will reduce its value to its users overall.  c-Bridges carrying I-5 are encouraged if not expected to have the 3 common statewides and TAC's in place to afford I-5 users options elsewhere for longer chats.  Repeaters without I-5 corridor coverage should not have access to this I-5 talkgroup as a general policy.

If your repeater or c-Bridge would like to join this special purpose interstate TG and agree in concept to the use outlined above, please contact us at DCI for more information.

Anchor City

Repeaters covering the I-5 Travel Corridor, from North to South

Location - Heat c-Bridge
Mt Vernon WA Bellingham to Everett  (coming in Spring 2016) Scott DCI
Lynnwood WA Arlington to Seattle Gunnysack DCI
Seattle WA Marysville to Tacoma Cougar Mtn DCI
Tacoma WA Arlington to Olympia Mt Baldi DCI
Vancouver WA Salem OR to Longview WA   DCI
Portland OR Wilsonville OR to Woodland WA West Hills DCI
 Central CA Central Valley I-5 and Hwy 99  to Grapevine /  Repeater Locations Various Mtn West
Grant Grove CA Tracy to Grapevine Park Ridge LO Mtn West
Squaw Valley CA Los Banos to Bakersfield Bear Mtn Mtn West
Fresno CA Los Banos to Kettleman City Fresno Mtn West
Auberry CA Modesto/Patterson to Bakersfield Meadow Lakes Mtn West
 Visalia CA Mendota to Grapevine Blue Ridge Mtn West
San Dimas CA Sylmar to Mission Viejo Johnstone Pk Mtn West
Irvine CA San Diego to Los Angeles Santiago Mtn West
San Diego CA Oceanside to Tijuana Baja Mexico Otay SF Trbo
New DCI Repeaters planned for 2016:  Mt Vernon WA, Salem OR and Olympia WA (in expected order)

Revised: 06/11/2017 12:33