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SmPTT changed their pricing model and no longer supports a USA Ham pricing structure.  The last report of costs was $500 annually just for continued licensing.


We are evaluating SmartPTT's Enterprise, a MotoTRBO bridging and dispatch product and are finding it to be an exciting product for use on our IPSC Networks.  This is an  effort to share some of what we have learned about SmartPTT as we continue to pound away on this software.  While this appears to be a robust commercial quality product, our focus will be on it's use in the Amateur environment.

SmartPTT does some rather cool stuff and this early page is an effort to get the word out and stimulate some interest, discussion and comments.  The c-Bridge and SmartPTT do have some overlap in features and appear to work very well together.  We are just beginning to explore this complex package.  SmartPTT does come in various flavors but  our focus will be on the Enterprise edition for now, especially since that is a custom Ham bundle offered to hams only.

A Support Forum is available for active discussions of the use of SmartPTT in the ham community  as well as discussion over the air on the Bridge TG.

Pricing is no longer shown by request of Elcomplus Inc.  Additionally it appears that the original ham pricing has changed and a annual subscription fee (typically 10%) is now required.

Peering SmartPTT requires a physical master repeater to peer in.  A c-Bridge as master does not work.  SmartPTT can be a master for a network and RDAC see's all peers and the SmartPTT master.  We recommend that all IPSC networks be serviced by a physical MotoTRBO repeater to insure upgrade compatibility with the peers and enabling both SmartPTT, c-Bridge or other 3rd party products to be added seamlessly at anytime to existing networks.
Bridging SmartPTT will bridge IPSC networks same as the c-Bridge.  It appears it may have more control over routing of talkgroups but too early to tell.  Radioservers can link also.
RX Audio All audio on the timeslot can be monitored without the need to program in talkgroups.  This is a like a reverse All Call feature.  Private calls can also be monitored.  PC speakers are used, no need for dongle or other parts.
TX Audio SmartPTT can transmit out on any programmed talkgroup to any network connected to SmartPTT.
Recording full audio recording of every call over the IPSC networks.
Software Windows 7/64 bit works well, very stable on this PC platform.
Telephone Supports SIP interconnect though not consumer level ATA devices as far as we can tell.  Enables inbound and outbound calling on group or private talkgroups.
Logging complete logging of all traffic on the network.
Data Supports SMS, Email, Call Alerts, Radio Check and Monitoring.
Database Uses Microsoft's SQL Express 2008 server, included.
Installation Easy installation of both the SmartPTT server and dispatcher components on a single computer or multiple computers.  Server should be installed on a fast CPU.  No crashes under Win7/64 bit, flawless operation.  This is a mature product.
Cost $xxxx - SmartPTT Enterprise, includes licensing for 1 Radio Server, 5 Dispatchers, 100 Subscribers, 15 Repeaters, 1 Telephone Interconnect, 1 Router, 1 System Monitor and other standard commercial features.  Limitations: Ham non-commercial, single radio server PC install, license is permanent, annual subscriptions for updates at standard costs. (annual subscription fee of 10% likely now charged as of 2014)
Misc Not a single crash of Radioserver or Dispatcher on a Win7/64 in 6 weeks of evaluation.  More to follow...this is very preliminary,

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