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First USA Ham IPSC Connection and Conversation

It was June 29, 2009, on Field Day weekend that 3 Ham got together with 3 MotoTRBO XPR-8300 repeaters located in 2 different states and connected those repeaters together via IPSC.  
Repeater Firmware version R01.04.09 had just been released and was the first version to support IPSC.  All 3 hams were using XPR-6500's running version R01.04.01 firmware.

The 3 Hams were:

Randy, WB0VHB located in Mt. Pleasant Iowa

Ray, WA6NVL located in Culver City, California

Mike, WB6WUI located in Costa Mesa California (now NO7RF living in Winthrop WA)

All three repeaters were sitting on the desks or countertops and all 3 repeaters were the original R01.xx demo repeaters that had been sitting on the dealer shelves for several years.  These repeaters were part of the original Motorola demonstration packages provided to dealers that failed to catch wind.  2 of these repeaters were purchased from Sandy's Communications (still our #1 Ham Friendly Dealer).

Ray WA6NVL made an acoustically coupled recording of this first conversation.  It is available here via this  MP3.  This was the first Ham IPSC conversation in the world as far as we know (let us know if otherwise).

From this conversation, the TRBO-6 and later, DCI networks were formed.  The c-Bridge came along 21 months later in March of 2011.  That was really when HAM DMR began its major growth and still continues.  More background in DCI History.

UPDATE June 27, 2016:  Since those early days, all 3 of us still have TRBO repeaters and are reasonably active.  Randy has had his repeater on DCI since the TRBO-6/DCI splintering of networks.  Ray has moved his repeater to San Diego and is now on the SF-TRBO network.  Mike moved to Winthrop WA in 2009 and still has repeaters on the DCI c-Bridge and is active in PNW-DMR.


Revised: 06/27/2016 08:16