Repeater and Client Radio Programming Details

OK, so you have decided to join the one of DCI's networks or managers.  All our networks use the same repeater and subscriber radio settings, only the talkgroups vary from network manager to network manager (see: Talkgroup Matrix - Quick Networking).

These settings provide guidance primarily to Generation 1 TRBO radios.  Gen 2 and other manufactures may not support some features or may have implemented them differently.  The TXI and various audio settings are a perfect example of the major differences across the model and manufacturer lines. 

Shown below is everything you need to get your repeater programmed (less the authorization info).  Please follow all these settings, especially the text in red as these are non-default mandatory parameters.  DCI and other IPSC groups have done much experimentation to come up with our settings.  Some of it may be counter to what Motorola recommends in their system planner and IPSC system set-up documents but it works well for DCI while some of the default Motorola information...not so much.

REPEATER  GENERAL  SETTINGS    current firmware is R02.20.12
Radio Name: repeater call sign no "/R" needed, this is for network observation use only
Radio ID: xxxxyy Required; xxxx = your state code, yy = id sequence in your state; assigned by DMR/MARC
SIT: 7000  
Group Call Hang Time: 1000 ms 3000-4000 is standard but this shorter time helps when having multiple Talkgroups active on the same Timeslots
Private Call Hang Time: 4000 Your choice on time as suits your use
Emergency Call Hang Time 5500 Your choice on time as suits your use
CWID TX Interval: 59 Case could be made that TRBO ID's in the stream ala D-STAR; but you may use Interval 9 & Timer 10 if you wish but your repeater will lose digital traffic more often when it ID's in Analog
CWID Mixed Mode Timer: 65


Link Type: Peer  
Authentication Key: xxx Sent to you when joining one of the networks
Master IP: xxx Sent to you when joining one of the networks
Master UDP Port: xxx Sent to you when joining one of the networks
UDP Port (peer): xxx Match the last 3 or 4 digits to your Repeater ID Please
CHANNELS; Zone; Mode
IP Site Connect: Slot 1 and/or 2 Your choice, add 5 repeater channels & remote switch as desired
Messaging Delay High Required
RSSI Threshold -40 v8.xx firmware and up, use -40.  This is important due to FCC Level 1 monitoring requirements in Part 90 that do not normally concern Ham repeater implementations.  Trust us on this.

Now for your client radio, generally a 45x0 mobile or 65x0 HT, In order of appearance in CPS for an XPR-6500 HT; R01.08.10 / Gen 2 radios can run AGC as it is handled better than Gen 1.

6500  CLIENT  RADIO;  General Settings     current firmware is R02.20.1x
Radio Name: xxxxyyy / use not critical but if you enter your radio ID # and use, you will see it when the radio powers-up, handy info but your choice
Radio ID: xxxxyyy Required; Your assigned ID provided to you by DMR/MARC
Noise Suppressor: Checked First appearing in 8.10 mobiles, keep it enabled
Digital Mic AGC: Un-Checked for Gen 1 radios or BACK OFF your Mics!!! Required; if you use AGC in Gen 1 radios: we find very hot  PIERCING audio painful to listen to and it makes it more difficult to passively monitor DCI 1 generally. If you use AGC, back off the mic and let it bring your audio levels up!  See more on Audio
Channel Free Indication Tone: Checked good default setting again unless you are experienced in TRBO set-up
Talk Permit Tone: Digital Enable digital or both

Accessories; Digital Accessory Mic Gain
Mic Gain -8 dB to -5 dB
see audio for more HT/Mobile/Mic details / -5 HT's external Speaker/Mics use 2" away and 45 degrees, -5 dB Mobiles / starting point depending on your voice/closeness to mic; highly variable
Sample CONTACTS; Digital (Talkgroups; aka Group calls)
DCI 1 GC: 3160 on TS1 DCI only Talkgroup; only linked to DCI networks
Comm 1 GC: 3777215 on TS1 Main DCI and TRBO-6 Talkgroup
Washington 1 GC: 3153 on TS 1 Statewide Talkgroup for Washington repeaters or to talk to WA
TAC 310-2 GC: 310 on TS2 Wide area PTT talkgroup (not a hailing or calling ch)
the Bridge 2 GC: 3100 on TS 2 International full time English language talkgroup
RX GROUPS; Digital
Digital: DCI Add any other talkgroups (group calls) to this group if you wish to monitor them independent of selected mode
Sample CHANNELS; Zone; Mode
Color Code: varies match to your repeater
Repeater Timeslot: 1 and/or 2 Repeater owners may  elect to have only 1 TS active
IP Site Connect: Checked Currently it doesn't matter for IPSC, but someday...
Messaging Delay: 90 Matches DCI Network settings for better throughput
Compressed UDP Data Header: Checked Matches DCI Network settings for better throughput.  CS-700 is not compatible
RX Group List: DCI your choice on number of groups and which TG's to enter
TX Contact Name: DCI 1 Add the above Talkgroups to your modes
Allow Interruption: Checked Required; Transmit Interrupt is recommended for use by DCI and DMR-MARC networks (CS-700 use Color Code Free)
TX Interruptible Frequencies: Checked
In Call Criteria: Select: -----------> "TX Interrupt"   Required (should be selected)
Enhanced Channel Access: Checked Required; Use on all networks as of version R01.8.xx
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