Codeplug Pasting

DCI's latest Codeplug

An easy way to keep your plugs up to date, most especially for the growing alias (digital contacts) listing.

If you have a better idea or wish to add or correct our user data, or better, to offer up other nifty tips for our members, please Email us.

Here's a guide on how to most easily get our data into your plug.  We recommend cloning and is most beneficial when you have a number of the exact same radio models and firmware versions.  But when cloning can't be done; Be safe, clip and paste the data, then manually key in what CPS does not allow to be pasted.  Please read the entire page before starting on your journey.

1)  Make a copy of your existing plug.  Read your radio and save the file rather then some other copy you might have.  This will insure that you can put your radio back the way it was before you use these foolish guidelines.  ;-)

2) Skip this step if previously done and you are only updating your digital contact list entries.
Create your Rx Groups under digital.  You must key that info in to create the 2 sample groups.  Add each group to each other's entry so that you have both in each.  This is redundant for now but useful later when you are not scanning.

3)  Skip this step if previously done and you are only updating your digital contact list entries.
Create your Scan Groups now.  You must key in this info as pasting doesn't work, same as the Rx Groups.  Don't worry about populating the scan groups just yet.

4)  Clip the aliases (digital contacts) and paste into your plug. There is no need to delete your current digital contacts or Aliases first as old will be overwritten by the new. Just clip everything and paste it into the plug. This will insure that your existing modes will not loose any of the Tx contact  entries.  If you delete the old contacts first, then all your modes will lose Private Call Tx Contact entries.  If you have no private call TX entries, then deleting all the private call entries in the contacts list first is OK and does weed out mistakes and/or duplicates.  This is a two-edged sword so you should be aware of the affects it can have unexpectedly.

5)  Skip this step if previously done and you are only updating your digital contact list entries.
Copy the sample TRBO-6 zone if you don't already has 10 existing zones.  If you have 10, then you can clip and past the 4 sample modes into an exiting zone if you have room for 4 more modes in your existing zone.

6)  Now that you have the new zone, go back to that scan list and add the new modes that you now have in the plug.  If you added the modes to an existing zone, then go to the respective scan list and add these new modes, if you wish.

7)  Check your modes and make sure that each has an active scan list, Rx group and Tx Contact entries.  You can look at each mode or click on the zone and look at all modes at the same time for a quick overview.  It's worth looking now rather than finding out later that you get a bong on Tx or you are missing traffic on one of the talkgroups.

I choose to keep a "master plug" using my primary radio ( a 6500 in this case) as the most up to date alias or digital contact list and then paste it into the other plugs when I wish to update the other radios in the stable.  I use a combination of leading alpha characters (spaces, a) to aid in my alpha sorting of contacts, Rx groups, Modes and Scan groups.

It is my SOP to never create a digital mode from scratch as there as so many settings, it's easy to miss one or have a typo.  I always copy an existing mode back into the same zone or into another first, then modify only what's necessay.  It's faster anyway than beginning from scratch.

I also test new stuff in a spare zone so as not to disturb an existing and working zone or mode.  Once I verify that it works the way I wish, I will copy the mode or zone into the same or different radios.  I've learned the hard way that when you are away from CPS is when you find that you screwed up something and now the fix is at some distance.

More info is available over in MTUSA on Clip N Pasting a plug. Check in the MTUSA database area for a Mickey Mouse chart that shows what can be Clip N Pasted and what you must manually enter.

Revised: 09/19/2014 05:43