TAC 310 Talkgroup - List of connections - Draft

If you are wondering where "the Bridge" talkgroup is connected, then this list will provide some information on which repeaters are connected to this talkgroup.

You will need to contact the bridge administrator directly if you want the best, complete and most up to date information as to it's status being full-time on or PTT and which timeslot to use.  The list below is problematic to be maintained and is only a very basic guide as control of this talkgroup outside of the DCI c-Bridge is beyond our control.

c-Bridge admins:  Please Email your list of repeaters, Full/Part Time and timeslots for "the Bridge"

  • DCI c-Bridge:  Jackson MI, Waterloo MI,
  • Hawaii: 



Known c-Bridges carrying the "Bridge" as of 02/15/2014:

DCI - Washington St SF Trbo - California K0USY - Kansas (now SmPTT)
AZ-TRBONET - Arizona GeorgiaDMR - Georgia NorCal - California
DMR-IL - Illinois MIT - Massachusetts Area-Repeater-Group - CA
KT0L - Colorado CAN-TRBO - Quebec Canada DMR-MARC-IL - Illinois
VE7KA - British Columbia BC TRBO - Vancouver BC, Can LonestarNet - Texas
Ohio Central Digital - Ohio W0PM - Missouri IT-DMR - Lombardy, Italy

Revised: 02/15/2014 19:36