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PNW DMR Network
Terms of Service

PNW DMR is a DMR radio and IP network consisting of Amateur Radio repeaters that are independently owned, operated and linked by way of public and private IP transport networks.  PNW DMR reserves the right to, at any time, make changes, with or without notice to enhance or restrict repeater access/hosting, data, talkgroup or user access.  PNW DMR also reserves the right to remove your access or block your use or use by any of your users on or through the PNW DMR networks, at any time, with or without notice.

PNW DMR Repeater owners and users must use a valid repeater ID and all users must use a valid radio ID issued by and assigned to them for that purpose.  Any use of unsanctioned or custom talkgroups is forbidden without the express approval of the repeater owner with written notice and written concurrence to PNW DMR.

Users of PNW DMR repeaters, MMDVM and network servers must must register for membership in our  The membership must include the users name, call sign and city/state of residence and Email address.

PNW DMR is not public utility nor a common carrier. PNW DMR is a private Amateur Radio network of private Amateur Radio repeaters which allow use by most licensed Amateur Radio Operators under a not-for-profit and public benefit environment, subject to control or restriction by individual and independent repeater owners or their trustees and/or c-Bridge owners or their administrators who may enable/disable transport of repeater traffic and user access. 

Your use or continued use of any repeater connected to the PNW DMR networks, any of our transport networks directly or indirectly or this website infers no right to any continued use of any repeaters or transport networks. Any of our radio and/or network assets may be withdrawn at any time for any reason without notice or recourse to you as a repeater owner/administrator or any or all of your users.

Encryption is not permitted; your repeater will be most certainly be blocked from our networks and your radio ID's blocked from the PNW DMR networks with or without notice.

The written terms of service may change at any time, with or without notice.  You should return to this page every 30 days and re-read it's content. 

What this means in Ham parlance: If you play in our sandbox, then you must play nicely, get along with others and then you may use our infrastructure, if you can't abide by our terms of service, then you cannot use our stuff.

While all of the above is arguably not the general Ham approach to Ham Radio that I have known for the past 45 years, please give a tip of the hat to K1DMR, for which is the basis for its creation.

End of PNW DMR's Terms of Service

The TOS statement above has been added primarily because a ham (Kenneth Bryant, K1DMR), incredibly, filed a lawsuit in 2015 and then continued his prosecution of those NCPRN repeater and c-Bridge owners (see the directory for more links and files) because his access to NCPRN was restricted due to his (alleged) commercial/business related use of their network and repeaters.  See the GoFundMe Campaign and consider a donation to support Scott's (KF4DBW) defense.  By doing so, you really are supporting your local repeater owners and the c-Bridge administrators and...believe it or not, all users.  Make a contribution, as little as $5 to $10 to get updates from the GFM campaign.  Include your name and call sign to show your public support if at all possible.

To be very clear, you would be supporting yourself as it is us (you, me and Scott, etc) who provide the all this to you at no cost.  It will affect you directly if you simply discount or ignore this issue. Fewer repeaters will be deployed and/or more will go to a closed access format. Please educate yourself by reading from the links above.

Skip your dinner out one time and send that money to support the defense of this outrageous case repeater owner or network admin.    -- Mike, NO7RF


UPDATE 1:  November 17, 2016: Lawsuit settled short of trial, colossal waste of money, but no precedent set:

In the matter of Kenneth Bryant v. NCPRN, Scott Whitaker and Wade Hampton, Jr., this issue has been resolved.  We regret this matter occurred and acknowledge that it could have been handled better, and regret some of the unfortunate public comments made pertaining to this litigation and to Mr. Bryant.  It is in the best interests of Amateur Radio that this matter be resolved without further litigation.

Network privileges for Kenneth Bryant are restored.

The parties ask the community not to discuss this matter further.


UPDATE 2:  December 09, 2016:  The GoFundMe campaign has been terminated...a total of $6,625 was collected, much less than the $15,000 to $20,000 of costs that Bryant caused just this single defendant in his defense of the lawsuit.


Revised: 06/24/2018 06:39