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NOTE:  Not all talkgroups should be used for QSO's or testing.  Please look this listing so you have some idea of which talkgroups to use and what they are to be used for.

This is our basic list of talkgroups.  We have more talkgroup details as well as an advanced talkgroup page MCT's are also a major component of our advanced use of talkgroups.

PNW Repeater Talkgroups - Short Descriptions
For talkgroup availability and timers, go to the Matrix
and select

Talkgroup TS 1/TG # TS 2/TG # Timers Brief Description     --     More TG Details
Audio Test   9999 PTT VU Meter and streaming, or use: this Audio Test on PNW 2
BC 3027   PTT British Columbia Local
Bridge (bm)   3100 PTT Worldwide with Brandmeister (very busy)
California 3106   PTT California Statewide (NO Brandmeister)
Cascades East 1 3191   FT Full time talkgroup for repeaters located east of the Cascades range
Comm 1 3777215   PTT Original 2009 TRBO-6 TG, wide area
DCI 1 3160   FT Calling or VERY short contacts!!!
DCI 2   3162 FT/PTT Limited use Only; use Locals or TACs
I-5 3168   FT I-5 corridor coverage area repeaters only, Traveler's talkgroup
Hawaii 1   3115 PTT Very limited use on only a few repeaters by agreement with Hawaii
Idaho (bm) 3116   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state, Brandmeister, QSO's are welcome
Idaho-ARES (bm) 31160   FT/PTT ARES Idaho,  see guidelines for use, is a Brandmeister talkgroup
Local 1 3181   FT Generally is local repeater use only, can be used as an MCT off for 5 minutes, QSO's, testing with other local users as few repeaters are connected.
Local 2   3166 FT
MCT's 177xxxx 177xxxx 55/25 Master Control Talkgroups, no voice traffic
Montana (bm)   3130 PTT Montana statewide with Brandmeister
Mountain   3177 PTT DMR-MARC Interstate Regional for our region
MPRG1 (bm)   31301 PTT Montana-DMR, Mac Pass Repeater Group, Brandmeister
Net 1 31001   PTT Nets from around North America
Net 2   31002 PTT Nets from around North America
North America   3163 PTT DMR-MARC; hailing and very short QSO's
Oregon (bm) 3141   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state, with Brandmeister, use generally restricted to 10 minutes, use Oregon Local 1 or 2
Parrot 9998   PTT Polly is our echo test server now living in Spokane, a free-range bird
PNW 1 (Calling Only) 3187   FT PNW Main All Repeaters; Calling or Standby use ONLY, No QSO's, NOTE: this TG lights up EVERY repeater on PNW
PNW 2 (Calling Only)   103187 FT PNW Secondary talkgroup; No QSO's, lights up EVERY repeater on PNW, Not-a-Net Gathering Wed; 1900
PNWR 2 (bm)   31771 FT/PTT PNW Regional talkgroup with Brandmeister the PNW Region, also has Audio Test available via Brandmeister, QSO's OK
PS 1 3190   FT Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no ker-chunking please (HKS and CdA also supporting) 2 hour Hold-Off timer
PS 2   103190 PTT Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no ker-chunking please (HKS and CdA also supporting this talkgroup) 1 hour Hold-Off timer
SNARS 2   31328 PTT SNARS main talkgroup, Nets Tuesdays at 2000 local, Source: SNARS
TAC 1   8951 PTT TAC 1 is PTT within PNW and HKS only, best PNW TAC talkgroup to use for extended 2 person QSO's as it is on most WA repeaters
TAC 2 & 3   8952-8953 PTT TAC 2 and 3 are PTT within PNW Only, available on fewer repeaters so less used but good alternative to TAC 1 which currently has more traffic
TAC 8   8958 PTT TAC 8 is only available on our MMDVM's - server to server QSO's
TAC English   123 PTT DMR-MARC PTT Worldwide English only TG (NO Brandmeister connection)
TAC 310-312 (bm)   310-312 PTT

Worldwide connected "TAC" talkgroups engage the fewest repeaters, with Brandmeister

TAC 313 to 319   313-319 PTT North America c-Bridge Repeaters only; (NO Brandmeister connections)
TG 9 9   FT Only available on MMDVM servers as annunciation and PTT talkgroup
USA   1776 PTT Worldwide; unlimited conversations
Washington 1 3153   FT/PTT Full time in-state QSO talkgroup, PTT out-of-state, move to a TAC TG if longer than 10 minutes PLEASE
Washington 2   103153 FT/PTT Full time in-state, QSO talkgroup, move to TAC TG if longer than 15 minutes PLEASE
Worldwide   3161 PTT DMR-MARC; hailing and short QSO (limited use only)
Worldwide Eng   13 PTT DMR-MARC FT TG on their side, PTT on PNW, English language use only
NOTES:   Talkgroup ID numbers and timeslots are listed on the Talkgroup How-to page
Not all repeaters carry all PNW talkgroups; see our PNW Talkgroup Matrix
Timeslot 1 has PNW's primary TG's, Timeslot 2 has other Network's TG's primarily; general rule
Statewide talkgroups are fulltime for instate repeaters and PTT for out-of-state repeaters
PTT:  On timer:15 minutes / Hold-off timer: 3 min; default unless noted above  (PTT Info)
Some talkgroups may be available via PTT but are not listed.  See TG-Matrix for most complete info
New repeater network managers will be created using the MCT concept, now the primary method of talkgroup arbitration
Repeaters owners:  Have any talkgroup issues, changes, etc...Email NO7RF


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