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Pacific Northwest DMR



This is our basic list of talkgroups.  We have more talkgroup details as well as an advanced talkgroup page MCT's are also a major component of our advanced use of talkgroups.

PNW Repeater Talkgroups - Short Descriptions
For talkgroup availability and timers, go to the Matrix:  Oregon --- Washington/Idaho

Talkgroup TS 1 / TG # TS 2 / TG # Timers Brief Description     --     More TG Details
Audio Test   9999 PTT VU Meter and streaming, or use: this Audio Test on PNW 2
BC 3027   PTT British Columbia Local
Bridge (bm)   3100 PTT Worldwide with Brandmeister (very busy)
California 3106   PTT California Statewide (NO Brandmeister)
Cascades East 1 3191   FT Full time talkgroup for repeaters located east of the Cascades range
Comm 1 3777215   PTT Original 2009 TRBO-6 TG, wide area
DCI 1 3160   FT Calling or VERY short contacts!!!
DCI 2   3162 FT/PTT Limited use Only; use Locals or TACs
I-5 3168   FT I-5 corridor coverage area repeaters only
Hawaii 1   3115 PTT Very limited use on only a few repeaters
Idaho (bm) 3116   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state, Brandmeister
Idaho-ARES (bm) 31160   FT/PTT ARES Idaho,  see guidelines for use, a Brandmeister talkgroup
Local 1 3181   FT Generally is local repeater use only, can be used for MCT off for 5 minutes
Local 2   3166 FT
MCT's 177xxxx 177xxxx 55/25 Master Control Talkgroups, no voice traffic
Montana (bm)   3130 PTT Montana statewide with Brandmeister
Mountain   3177 PTT DMR-MARC Interstate Regional for our region
MPRG1 (bm)   31301 PTT Montana-DMR, Mac Pass Repeater Group, Brandmeister
North America   3163 PTT DMR-MARC; hailing and very short QSO's
Oregon (bm) 3141   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state, with Brandmeister
Parrot 9998   PTT Echo test server
PNW 1 3187   FT PNW Main All Repeaters; Calling or Standby use ONLY, NOTE: this TG lights up EVERY repeater on PNW
PNW 2   103187 FT PNW's Secondary, Not-a-Net Gathering Wed; 1900, NOTE: this TG lights up EVERY repeater on PNW
PNWR 2 (bm)   31771 FT/PTT PNW Regional talkgroup with Brandmeister the PNW Region, also has Audio Test availble via Brandmeister
PS 1 3190   FT Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no ker-chunking please (HKS and CdA also supporting)
PS 2   103190 PTT Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no ker-chunking please (HKS and CdA also supporting)
SNARS 2   6968 PTT SNARS main talkgroup  Source: SNARS
TAC 1   8951 PTT TAC 1 is PTT within PNW and HKS only (private to our network; clear TG)
TAC 2 & 3   8952-8953 PTT TAC 2 and 3 are PTT within PNW Only
TAC 8   8958 PTT TAC 8 is only for MMDVM server to server QSO's
TAC English   123 PTT DMR-MARC PTT Worldwide English only TG (NO Brandmeister connection)
TAC 310 to 312 (bm)   310-312 PTT

"TAC" talkgroups engage the fewest repeaters, with Brandmeister

TAC 313 to 319   313-319 PTT North America only; (NO Brandmeister)
TG 9 9 8958 FT Only available on MMDVM servers as annunciation and calling talkgroup
USA   1776 PTT Worldwide; unlimited conversations
Washington 1 (bm) 3153   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state, with Brandmeister
Washington 2   103153 FT/PTT Full time in-state, QSO talkgroup TG
Worldwide   3161 PTT DMR-MARC; hailing and short QSO (limited use only)
Worldwide English   13 PTT DMR-MARC FT TG on their side, PTT on PNW, English language use only
NOTES:   Talkgroup ID numbers and timeslots are listed on the Talkgroup How-to page
Not all repeaters carry all PNW talkgroups; see our PNW Talkgroup Matrix
Timeslot 1 has PNW's primary TG's, Timeslot 2 has other Network's TG's primarily; general rule
Statewide talkgroups are fulltime for instate repeaters and PTT for out-of-state repeaters
PTT:  On timer:15 minutes / Hold-off timer: 3 min; default unless noted above  (PTT Info)
Some talkgroups may be available via PTT but are not listed.  See TG-Matrix for most complete info
New repeater network managers will be created using the MCT concept, now the primary method of talkgroup arbitration
Repeaters owners:  Have any talkgroup issues, changes, etc...Email NO7RF


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