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Pacific Northwest DMR

Full Time Talker Manager


We have created a special c-Bridge manager (soon with hotSpot support) that has all of the PNW talkgroups available full time plus many more from DMR-MARC and Brandmeister.  This manager is likely best used with radios that have 2 timeslot digital monitor or promiscuous mode capability.  It is intended to be used to monitor 57 talkgroups from many different DMR groups.  Hold-off timers for Washington 1 and PNW Regional 2 are supported if one wishes to TX on either timeslot.

 Native PNW (always on)  DCI & Indies (MCT Off) MARC & BM (MCT Off)
 Cascades East
 Idaho (bm)
 Oregon (bm)
 PNW 1 and 2
 PNW Regional (bm)
 TAC 1-3, 8 and 9
 Washington 1 (bm)
 Washington 2
 Audio Test
 BC Local
 Bridge (bm)
 Comm 1 and 2
 Comm 2 San Diego
 DCI 1 and 2
 Idaho ARES (bm)
California (3106)
California (3107 bm)
North America
TAC 310-312 (bm)
TAC 313-319
TAC English
Worldwide English

Native PNW: Always on / Non-PNW: Off via MCT Off for 15-30 minutes


There are only 2 hold-off timers, Washington 1 and PNW Regional 2 on 3 minute hold-offs.  So you may talk on those 2 talkgroups and all the other talkgroups will be held-off for 3 minutes.  Talking on any other talkgroups will likely get your conversation stomped!

MCT's are also in place though programmed a bit differently.  By default, all talkgroups are on full time, but MCT off will turn off all but the native PNW talkgroups.  All MARC and BM talkgroups (except our statewides; ID, OR, WA).  MCT On will turn all talkgroups back on.  The standard 55/15 minute cycles apply here.

You only need to create one channel for your radio to match either your hotSpot or repeater.  Select that channel, turn on digital monitor and listen away.  We suggest that you also create channels for Washington 1, PNW Regional 2, MCT On and MCT off.

A channel list has been added above.  As this is primarily a listening manager, you should enter all the talkgroups into your radio (D868 TG Import File; csv for members only) if your radio supports their display and you desire know which TG is active.

We will soon add an MMDVM server to this manager.  That server coupled with digital monitor or promiscuous mode, will make for a very useful hotSpot demonstration mode for club meetings, symposiums, hamfests etc.  Great for the non-stop solo drive across the USA to keep you awake.  If anyone thinks DMR is too quiet, put a hotSpot on this MM and get a taste of how much traffic is out there and why our part time talkgroups are so common on PNW DMR.

If you are a PNW DMR member and you wish to put your own MotoTRBO repeater on the manager, please write to us as the credentials are provided after we know what you have and wish to do.  The MMDVM server credentials will be published in the Wiki on IO Groups.



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