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Pacific Northwest DMR


St Repeater City - Heat Map

Network Info

PNW Area Map - Heat Maps: OR - WA

Freq / Offset
Color Code / Contact

BC New Westminster BC-TRBO Affiliate, NWARC 444.6000 +5 Mhz CC1
BC Vancouver - Mt Seymour BC-TRBO Affiliate, BCFMCA, Wide area coverage; South to Bellingham 443.4000 +5 Mhz CC1
BC West Vancouver - Ambleside BC-TRBO Affiliate, VA7BC, low level, 25 watts, moving to Whistler soon, 2,200 meters 443.8500 +5 Mhz CC1
ID Coeur d'Alene - Blossom Ridge I-90 corridor coverage, about 69 miles from 4th of July Pass ID to Four Lakes WA (Hwy 904), north to Sagle  440.9250* +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
OR Buxton - Green Mtn Hwys 6, 26 & 47 in Columbia & Washington counties OR 444.0250 +5 Mhz CC9
OR Colton - Goat Mtn Wide area, Clackamas County, I-5; Lebanon to Portland 442.7500 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Eugene OR - Prairie Pk Wide area, I-5; South of Eugene to North of Salem, Coastal; Florence to Newport, online as of 5-10-17 442.9625+5 Mhz CC1
OR Hebo - Mt Hebo North coast, Portions of Central OR   (MCT soon) 442.8125 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Newberg - MtnTopRd I-5, Lower level but with wide coverage 444.4875 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Portland - West Hills Wide area, I-5; Salem to Longview WA, Site Info 440.6250 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Redmond - Gray Butte Wide area Hwy 97; Crescent to Shaniko possible 442.9500* +5 Mhz CC1
OR Salem - House Mtn Potential coverage: Lancaster OR to St. Helens WA / in planning 442.9750 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Salem - Orchard I-5, Lower level but with wide coverage, Unknown if/when currently 442.8875 +5 Mhz CC1
OR Timberline - MT Hood - MCT Wide area, I-5 from Salem to Vancouver, Bend to Maupin 442.9875 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Bellingham - Lookout VHF Wide area coverage, I-5 corridor; joint project with the Mt Baker Radio Club, installed 5-6-18, in experimental/test phase 146.5000  +1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Bellingham - Lookout UHF Wide area coverage, I-5 corridor; Everett to Vancouver BC 440.9250*  +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Boistfort - BawFaw Wide area I-5, Olympia to Vancouver WA, some coastal coverages 440.7375* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Bremerton - Gold Mtn Wide area I-5, Downtown Seattle; Puget Sound to Lynnwood 440.7000* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Ellensburg - Suneast I-90 from Cle Elum to 7 miles west of Vantage, Ellens/Moses heatmap 440.9250* +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Ferndale - Vista Ridge I-5; Bellingham-Border, Mt Baker Hwy, East; Lyndon, Nugent's, Everson & Sumas 440.7375* +5 Mhz CC1
WA Longview/Kelso - Rainier Hill Wide area, I-5, Portland, OR to Napavine, WA 441.7000 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Longview/Kelso - Columb Hts Columbia Heights North, On-Air 3-17-18 and on network 3-24-18, similar/better coverage than Rainier Hill 444.7125 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Mazama UHF - E-Town North Methow Valley, North Central WA, low level 433.15 +16.5 Mhz CC3 - BP
WA Mazama VHF - E-Town North Methow Valley, North Central WA, low level 145.5100 +2 Mhz CC3 - BP
WA Megler - Megler Southwest WA & Northwest OR coastal & Inland (OR-N network) 444.2375  +5 Mhz CC9
WA Moses Lake - Frenchman I-90 from Vantage to Ritzville, Moses/Ellens heatmap 440.9250* +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Olympia - Capitol Peak I-5 corridor coverage, Castle Rock to Seattle plus Coastal 440.7125*  +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Oso - Frailey I-5 from SeaTac to Burlington, Darlington to Sequim, Anacortes, Oak Harbor & Whidbey 444.1500* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Richland - Rattlesnake VHF VHF XPR-8400 50w, potential deployment pending more local support, very significant coverage area 14x.xxxx +x Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Richland - Rattlesnake UHF UHF XPR-8400 40w, potential deployment pending more local support, mobile coverage from I-82 from Parker to Walla Walla 440.7125* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Seattle - Cougar Mtn Wide area, I-5 corridor; Tacoma to Everett 441.2875 +5 Mhz CC1
WA Spokane - Krell UHF, 1 Adding coverage South of Spokane, fill-in, on network as of 7-15-18 444.1250 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Spokane - Krell VHF Adding coverage South of Spokane, wider fill-in, Install in August 2018 147.4125 -1 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Spokane - Lookout Pt Wide area, I-90 corridor; Ritzville to Coeur d'Alene 444.1500* +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Sultan - Haystack HKS Network repeater; wide area, I-5 corridor / More info 44x.xxxx +5 Mhz CC1
WA Tacoma - Baldi Mt UHF Wide area, I-5 corridor; Olympia to Seattle 441.3500 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Tacoma Nor - Ruston Tacoma / Seattle area fill-in 440.7250 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Vancouver - Larch VHF Very wide area; I-5, WA talkgroup Deck, OR 1 on FT, Mobile coverage: Salem to Chehalis, likely to install better antenna later 145.1700 -.6 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Vancouver Larch UHF Wide area; I-5, Southern WA & Northern OR  (OR-N network) 442.9500* +5 Mhz CC1
WA Vancouver Hospital Wide area; I-5, Southern WA & Northern OR, OTA but not yet on network (OR-N network) 146.7300  -.6 Mhz CC1
WA Wenatchee - Lower Badger On network testing low level in Wenatchee, ETA for hilltop unknown 443.7500  +5 Mhz CC1
WA Yakima - Elephant I-82 from Ellensburg to Kennewick, now online since 3-11-2018 147.1200 +.6 Mhz CC1 - BP

Notes:  Grey shades indicates not online; pending install, in planning, repair, delayed or shelved // If you wish to contact the repeater owner, click on the color code link // Oregon repeaters have a different operating policy, please read it prior to use
* = duplicated Frequency/Color Code // Heatmaps are approximate as exact location/RF details are seldom provided to PNW


National Digital Simplex Frequencies  (12.5Khz or less)

UHF 1) 441.0000   2) 446.5000   3) 446.0750   4) US & Europe 433.450
VHF 1) 145.7900   2) 145.5100
TG ID: 99  /  CC 1  /  TS 1  /  "Admit Criteria": TXI or Always  /  "In Call Criteria": Always
145.5100 and 446.0750 are our primary simplex channels


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