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Washington EmComm and Public Service Talkgroups

DRAFT: Talkgroup plan not adopted and may not go forward

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The Washington PNW DMR networks actively support EmComm and other public service groups that wish to use our Washington repeaters.  Any organized group activity is welcome.  Your event will have priority on our talkgroups over other normal network user activity.

Please contact us to reserve dates and times as well as to discuss specific needs.  This will enable PNW DMR to provide the most efficient resources and notify our members of upcoming events to reduce inadvertent use during your event.

We can provide you with single or multiple repeaters, locally or statewide services.  By default our PS 2 talkgroups are set-up to operate independently but public service event personnel are easily able to add more repeaters as needed, in the field or on the fly.  With prior arrangements, we are able to schedule unique setting that will set-up our repeaters to suit your needs.

PS 2 is the primary public service talkgroup.  PS 1 is a secondary talkgroup available if needed.

PS 2 is also capable of supporting a Brandmeister talkgroup (TG ID 31771) if needed.  This requires prior coordination as it is normally our PNWR 2 talkgroup which is available on select repeaters via PTT ("push to talk" or "part time talkgroup").  Brandmeister brings several benefits to the table with little downside.

PS 1 and PS 2 talkgroups are designed to function in an emergency.  Nothing must be enabled or programmed ahead of any event.  So these services are available at any time.  Of course any talkgroup can be used for an emergency.  We suggest Washington 1 or PNW 1 as the initial talkgroups of choice as all our users have these talkgroups programmed and generally are listening via scan or Rx Groups.


PNW EMCOMM Talkgroups

Talkgroup Timeslot 1 Timeslot 2 Timers Brief Description
PS 1 3190   PTT 12 hour On timer, no hold-off timers
PS 2   103190 PTT 12 hour On timer, no hold-off timers
Local 1 3181   FT Next highest priority talkgroups.  Local 2 can be linked to other repeaters for broader or wider area coverage as needed if planned for in advance.  Typically, the locals operate independently of other repeaters and can co-exist with or supplement an active public service event.
Local 2   3166 FT
PNWR 2   31771 PTT Standard PTT talkgroup on PNW with Brandmeister access, can be linked to PS 2 if needed for an event
I-5 3168   FT I-5 corridor coverage area repeaters only, Mexico to British Columbia

NOTES:  PTT:  On timer:12 hours / No hold-off timers  //  Not all repeaters carry PS1 and PS 2 talkgroups; see our PNW Talkgroup Matrix

Repeaters owners:  Wish to join in support of the EmComm talkgroups?  Email NO7RF

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