Peter - a Public MMDVM Portal into PNW DMR

NOTE:  Peter may carry various nets from time to time.  Turn on your promiscuous mode to listen in. Check our Minimal Netwatch for more info.

Peter, our public MMDVM server is available for the Ham public

Quick connect: DNS:


UDP Port:  55555, Password:  passw0rd



Sampler for PNW DMR -- see our Matrix for the actual talkgroups

PNW Talkgroup TG # Timers Description
Cascades East 3191 P5/2m Temporary addition for MMDVM testing Eastern Washington, may change in the future
Idaho (bm) 3116 F/2m Full time on the Idaho statewide TG, longer QSO's should move to TAC 1,2 or 8
PNWR 2 (bm) 31771 F/2m PNW Regional talkgroup with Brandmeister connection
TAC 1 8951 P5/2m PNW Network Only, no DMRX or Brandmeister connectivity
TAC 2 8952 P5/2m PNW Network Only, no DMRX or Brandmeister connectivity
TAC 8 8958 P5/2m MMDVM servers Only, no PNW, DMRX or Brandmeister connectivity, the MM-to-MM PTT TG of choice for QSO's
Washington 1 (bm) 3153 F/2m Full time on the Washington statewide TG, longer QSO's should move to TAC 1, 2 or 8
Washington 2 103153 ---- Only available for the Not-a-Net Gathering on Wednesdays at 1900 until 2000.  Otherwise, not available



Server Settings for Peter (MMDVM Server)


Server UDP: 55555

Password: passw0rd

Server is located in Spokane

Connector:  HotSpot/MMDVM
Protocol: MMDVM

When setting up your openSPOT, be sure to have the "advanced mode" checkbox checked so that you can enter the server IP and UDP port into the fields and then click Add Server. Do NOT enable "Use DMRplus options". (See: Image 1, Image 2).

Be sure that the "DMRplus options for DMRplus" setting does NOT have the "Use DMRplus options" checkbox checked (see image).


While Peter is a public portal, PNW DMR also has a number of member portals with more extensive talkgroup access.  We currently have 9 MMDVM servers with varying talkgroup decks and purposes.  2 of those servers are designed to support 2 slot repeaters and hotspots.

This particular project has been in the works for months but is based on the great work of multiple folks going back 4 years or so.  All software is open-sourced and available on GitHub by Cort, N0MJS and his crew of supporters.  Also kudos to and for the fine assistance of Corey N3FE, one of the USA Brandmeister admins who initially shepherded our efforts at PNW DMR.  Also to Vance, W6SS for being the one who coded the installation script (still used by our new use of Docker) and explained how it worked, which is instrumental to enabling Linux neophytes to be able to install and manage their own MMDVM projects. And finally to Dylan KI7SBI, who put this project inside a Docker file to enable multiple MMDVM servers to reside on a single VM.

The partner programs used are:  dmr_utilsdmrlink, hblink and Docker.

Please see our install page for more on how to deploy your own server


Revised: 10/02/2018 08:09