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PNW DMR is an open repeater network.

If you are using our network, then please join our IO group at: 

Many of our networking services are available to members only.  There are no costs, fees or dues required of any user to become a member.  Most of our best and current information is located in our IO group.  The latest codeplugs, repeater map, network changes, updates and operational information are in our IO group as well.  You may not find it on the web.

If you are balking about joining a list and then getting inundated in Emails or Emails of post that are of no interest, then cheer up, set yourself to almost zero Email (special) or use any of the several digesting methods that bundle up the daily postings or if over 10, you might see 2 digests a day.

PNW DMR encourages learning about our operation prior to On-the-Air use.  We will assist you but we also expect you to invest some time reading up ahead of time.  Quick Start and Best Practices are 2 of the best documents out the gate after this welcome page as you ramp up in the world of DMR.  Take a look at our Repeater Map for a fast way to see what is available for our members as well as DMR users, visitors and travelers in the Pacific North West

If you plan to use the North Oregon, Megler or Larch UHF repeaters, then please read their User's Guide before use of their repeaters as their rules are more restrictive than most Washington repeaters.  Their admin Loren KB7APU supports our membership goals and would ask you to join PNW DMR, his Oregon North IO group, his Facebook page and to have your Email address current in QRZ.


The PNW DMR network actively supports our members.  We primarily use this IO group for support of our membership.

But one important benefit of membership is access to our many MMDVM servers (hotspot servers).  But more importantly, while the local repeaters are open for use by any ham on Local 1 or Local 2, only members may use our networking services, including all other talkgroups.  This means that if you want to use our networked talkgroups, you must be a member unless you are a visitor to the Pacific Northwest or a through traveler in the region.  Visitors and travelers who wish to operate in our region may freely use our network!

We have not actively enforced this rule but has it listed in our documentation.  It has been almost universally ignored and hams are doing what they want.  Our efforts to garner compliance voluntarily have failed.  So short of restricted access, we are moving up the voluntary compliance ladder a wee bit.

We do require the use of a sanctioned Radio ID's.  If you don't have one for your radio(s), then go to and request one.  If you can't do that, then request one from PNW DMR directly.  BUT DO NOT make up your own Radio ID's and then use them on our Network!

*** We are beginning to use the c-Bridge NetWatch alias list to show call signs, non-member status and with a request to join PNW DMR, etc, which maybe what brought you to this page!  If our modest effort is not enough to entice our users to join, then likely additional technical forces may be brought into play.  We do not want to do this, so please, JOIN and be merry!

We charge nothing for any ham to use our $200,000 plus network which is costing us about $800 in monthly ongoing costs for site rents, insurance, Internet and maintenance, but we expect you to join the PNW DMR organization if you use it and to use valid Radio ID's as well. Only visitors and through travelers do not need to join.  We do not feel this is a burden in exchange for it's use.  If you feel otherwise, please let use know and maybe we are missing something in asking for our users to use valid Radio ID's and to become our members.

The PNW DMR admin team,


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