PNW Talkgroup Matrix  for Managers, TG Appearances & Timers

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The matrices are our bible of talkgroups, their appearances and timers.

If a talkgroup is available on a repeater, it will include something like this in a cell:

The "P3/m?" in the Bridge 2 row/Baw Faw column mean that the talkgroup is PTT (Part Time Talkgroup) with on timer of 3 minutes on an MCT network and that that programming is not confirmed. 

Other common examples are listed below

F/3 Standard Fulltime TG with 3 minute HO's (hold-off timers) on all same slot TG's
P15/3m? PTT (Push-to-Talk or Part-Time-Talkgroup) for 15 minutes of On-Time with 3 minute HO's (Hold-Off timers) and also MCT capability, unconfirmed c-Bridge programming
P5/m PTT TG, on 5 minutes on a MCT repeater network (No or few HO's programmed)
P2/0 2 minutes of On-time with no HO's or MCT control
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