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Handy Links  ---  Pages of interest to new users on blue background
Audio Test Use Talkgroup: PNWR 2 (TG ID 31771 on timeslot 2), service provided by the Brandmeister network's Hoseline  //  VU-LED  //  Audio VU Meter Project  //  Polly  //  Zello Streaming  //  BM 9999
Bridget openSpot / MMDVM server portal into PNW DMR via OpenSpot, DVMega, etc. /  Custom server creation / MMDVM / Zello Streaming  //  Set-up
British Columbia
BCFMCA, British Columbia Frequency Modulation Communications Association
NWARC, New Westminster Amateur Radio Club
Best Practices PNW DMR's How to be a supporting member of the network  //  New User's Quick Start Guide
c-Bridge Account Request a member account for more networking info and status than provided by minimal Netwatch
Codeplug Dir Latest PNW Codeplugs and information on our website and/or in PNW DMR's IO Group (membership required)
 Contacts Many radios supported including the Anytone AT-D868UV, updated daily and with selection of countries to include
Demo Ongoing Demonstration Repeater Project and manager for groups to demo TRBO repeaters
EmComm How we wish to support EmComm and other public service events
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions  //  More detail on our IO Group Wiki page
Failure Information on how PNW deals with a c-Bridge failure via our back-up c-Bridge (PNW Minimal Netwatch)
Flyer Handout or Flyer for clubs, meeting, hamfests, demos, presentations (8.5x11)
Forum PNW's interactive forum; topics, chats, codeplugs, system updates, news  (PNW area members only).  Details when joining or other DMR support groups
Gathering Lasted information on our First Annual PNW DMR Gathering May 18, 2019 at Valley Camp
Heat Maps Current combined: Oregon, Washington  /  PNW Repeater Locations  /  WA Repeater Map Member support forum.  If you use the network, please join.
History The efforts to bring TRBO to WA State and on-going PNW regional milestones
HKS - Haystack Affiliated repeater at Sultan WA on Haystack Mtn via the HKS c-Bridge
HT - CS-580 PNW Recommended UHF HT, Codeplugs, Yahoo Group
Images Images related to PNW DMR's activities; Hilltops, Events, Hams and more
Last Heard Recent information on PNW user activity complements of DMRX
Matrix; Talkgroups PNW Talkgroups tables for MMDVM, Oregon, Western Washington and Idaho/Eastern Washington repeaters
MCT Master Control Talkgroups are the new way to manage talkgroups to eliminate networked talkgroups from barging in on an active conversation.  //  PowerPoint PDF
Netwatch Online status and activity for PNW  //  BC-TRBO // Last Heard by DMRX
Membership Please join our PNW IO Group / required if you are a regular network user in our service area
Netwatch Online status and activity for PNW  //  BC-TRBO // Last Heard by DMRX
Network Overview Diagram of the overall PNW DMR Network by Steve, N9VW
News The latest updates for the PNW DMR network are now on our IO group in the Wiki under News
Blaine Clinic, held June 17, 2017, presentations and materials / More Info Directory
Moses Lake Symposium held November 18, 2017
PodCasts Basic user information provided by Will, N7DUD
Policy Are you using the system?  If so, become a member  //
Quick Start Quick or entry document for new users / Network Diagram (Washington)  /  Best Practices Guide
Quiet Repeater Too Quiet?  Don't simply throw out your call.  Maybe this is why...or Dial-up more TG's via PTT
Register ID Need an Radio or Repeater ID, get it here  //  also:  Register or Request to join PNW's IO group
Repeater Map Location map for the Washington repeaters; with City/Hilltop names, frequencies and other details on a single page for use as a folded traveler ready-ref sheet.
RepeaterBook TRBO Repeaters in Idaho, Oregon, Washington or British Columbia -- Now beginning to list talkgroups, timeslots and heatmaps!  Look for the "RB" in the repeater listing Info field for each repeater. Why use RepeaterBook?
Repeater; BYOR Want to add a MotoTRBO repeater to the PNW DMR network, here's how.
Repeater Networking How to bring your MotoTRBO repeater onto the PNW DMR IPSC Network
Social Media MeWe for PNW (about MeWe) //  Facebook presence, public group, may or may not be active
Supporters Our supporters, sponsors and donors who have helped PNW grow DMR and serve the DMR Ham community in the Pacific Northwest
Talkgroup Info A primer for PNW users to help understand the features and power of talkgroups.  Much more information on each talkgroup and how they operate on PNW // MCT operation explained  //  Brandmeister/c-Bridge talkgroups
Talkgroup Matrix PNW Talkgroups tables for MMDVM, Oregon, Western Washington and Idaho/Eastern Washington repeaters
Talkgroup PTT What are Part Time Talkgroups or Push-To-Talk Talkgroups & what are their affects on the timeslots; advanced
Training Events Onsite training Events: Symposium-2017  //  Blaine Clinic  //  Westside Gathering 2019
User Guides PNW's New User's Quick Start  //  Oregon User's Guide  //  Generic User's Guide  //  DMR Doc Project  //  Info Dir
Welcome Welcome to our Pacific Northwest DMR Network
Yahoo Group PNW's prior forum, now legacy for the most part, as is now the primary interactive group
Zello Streaming Audio Streaming of the Bridget manager.  Listen to Bridget only, but Zello users can talk to each other  //  PNWR BM Stream


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