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Pacific Northwest DMR

Joining our IO Groups Forum

This page should help you get approved quicker by showing you how to set up your Membership settings while you are waiting for approval.  The more information you provide to our moderators, the faster it is for them to approve your request to join.  We appreciate not having to Email you to ask for your call and location information.  ;-)  And you will appreciate not having your posts moderated.

To join our Forum and setup your profile, goto:

Click on the Request to Join

Once you send a join request you are able to immediately update your Membership settings, both the Bio (important to us) and your Membership (important to you).

Begin by editing your Subscription to the group by clicking on: Subscription", "Group Profile", then click on "Edit Group Profile" lower down on the page

  1. *** Display Name, (we suggest "First Name, Call Sign")
  2. *** Your Location (City, State)
  3. Your Privacy Profile (who can see it and it's content, use your profile to provide information about your DMR or wider Ham interests...or not)
  4. Add Photo/Avatar (nice to have an image for everyone to see when you post)
  5. A Website of interest to you (and maybe to this group's members also)

The most important info (as to membership approval) are the *** items:

  • display name (First Name, Call Sign)
  • and your location (City, State)
You may now move on to  update your Membership details by clicking on "Membership" (from the "Subscription" tab).  You can edit your Email delivery, Sig line and more.

If you don't enter the minimal information requested and we do not otherwise know who you are, we are not likely to approve your request.  We only optionally will email you to ask for this information.  Even if approved, you may remain moderated until your update your subscription profile with you name, call and location.

 Revised: 02/16/2018 11:22


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