ConFusion in the Methow
Mike, NO7RF, Mazama WA

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BACKGROUND:  I am heavily invested in Motorola's MotoTRBO digital networking but I see something of great interest for use in the Methow and other areas by local Ham clubs.  I have in service, 2 repeaters, 3 mobiles, 2 HT's and a WIRES-X HRI-200 box.  I have replaced the current cross-band repeater in Winthrop and it will be available for use from Carlton to Lost River.  The Pateros site (32 miles SSE) should be able to reach the Winthrop site with this upgrade.  2nd repeater has been deployed in Mazama, same pair, different DCS code but same DSQ.

OPTION:  Here's what is driving this option for all of us and why I am publishing for the benefit of other clubs or groups: Yaesu is providing these unique repeaters to clubs for $500.  They list at $1700 but can be had for less than 1/3 of the list price.  I see this as an opportunity to replace many old repeaters with a compact, state of the art, efficient 50 Watt 2 Meter or 70 centimeter repeater (both bands in one repeater)...but there is much more that that!!!

Here's a tick list of why I think other clubs should jump on this opportunity:

  • 50 Watt Analog FM rack-mount repeater (2 mobiles inside similar to the MotoTRBO XPR-8300's)

  • Operates as a 2 meter or 70 cm repeater (both bands!!!)

    • It will cross-band repeat [Yaesu video (at 6:48 or see image below)]

    • Unknown if cross-band is bi-directional (A-->B & B-->A) but likely not

  • Repeater is $1700 at list price but only $500 delivered to radio clubs via this Current Promotion

  • 110 VAC power supply built-in or 12VDC (with battery revert)

  • Repeater can do both modes (aka: TRBO DMM)

    • supports digital to analog  transcoding

    • with Internet connectivity (via WIRES-X)

  • Digital mode support with matching Fusion line of user radios (C4FM)

  • Integrated GPS support shows other nearby users in digital mode (GM)

  • Extensive APRS support built-in (HT & Mobile) on analog FM

  • Internet connectivity is coming 1st Q 2015 via WIRES-X into repeater natively

    • Currently must use a FTM-400DR Mobile for WIRES-X digital mode

    • DR1X firmware upgrade (1stQ 2015) will not require the FTM-400DR for digital mode

    • Any analog radio can be used for analog to WIRES-X

    • Older analog Yaesu radios with the 6 pin DIN connector are plug n play

If your club has an old clunker wide-band repeater, this is a wonderful opportunity to upgrade it to current model equipment.  Yaesu is offering this promotion to drives sales of the fusion line of course and while that does have great appeal to me and maybe others ultimately, the repeater is a great deal for a single band analog repeater (you pick the band)....but so much more is offered.

This is why I think it is worth participating and why I have chosen to put up this page and then get the word out.  Please pass around this URL to any clubs of interest.  Let me know if you decide to get a repeater as well.  I'd be interested in linking the repeaters via the soon to be released Internet support, which is disappointingly slow.

More details on fusion and the repeater, mobile and HT's

Support Information and Links

Voice Module for mobile or repeater
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More to follow as I learn/test more, but briefly on the DR-1X repeater:

  • Weighs 17.7 lbs and idles at 24 watts AC and .5 amps DC, no revert detected

    • Analog TX: Low power .53 AC Amps (63 watts), Mid: .8 AC Amps (95 watts), Hi: 1.2 AC Amps (141 watts)

    • Analog TX: Low power 3.15 DC Amps (39 watts), Mid: 5.36 DC  Amps (63 watts), Hi: 8.7 DC Amps (96 watts)

    • NOTE: DC testing was on car battery (no float) so battery voltage varied from 12.63 to 11.0 volts during tests

  • PA airflow design is directed through the heat sink, better than TRBO XPR-8300/XPR-8400

  • Fan noise moderate on AC, quieter on DC but will ramp up as needed

  • Unconfirmed rumor is that the Rx has a beefed up frontend as much of the Tx stuff is removed

  • RG-58 internal pigtails with N-connectors, suggest swap-out to double shielded jumpers

  • 2U Rack mount, Yaesu recommends using rack shelf, unknown yet if it will support own weight

NO7RF/R Local YSF Rollout Plans

  • NO7RF's Wire-X Implementation Details

  • DONE: 1 DR1X to move to Winthrop to replace the cross-band repeater that links the valley to Pateros

    • 444.850 + analog: DCS 023 or digital code: 1 (Auto/Auto mode)

    • WIRES-X Node 211xx to link into 444.850 in Winthrop is planned

      • Mazama 145.210 YSF repeater has its own node (21068)

    • DONE: Pateros crew is working on VHF repeater site, maybe another DR1X, pending...

NO7RF Info:  WIRES-X ID: 11068, Room: DCI-TRBO or 21068 (USA Node List)

I can best be contacted off-air by Email.

  Revised: 01/15/2016